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Casino Chick Presents #WORDZZ – Exclusive Look into Game Unlike Any Game EVER Seen Before!

January 10, 2022 - CasinoChick casino chick

Casino Chick likes to think of itself as a ground-breaker. As the first-ever female-oriented online casino directory, we pride ourselves on opening doors to new and exciting iGaming worlds. What’s here before you this time is another revoluti... READ MORE

“Muchbetter Rewards is All About Providing Unique and Personalised Experiences for Customers” – Leyre N’Shimbi Fernandez

January 3, 2022 - CasinoChick casino chick

Last time we spoke with Keren Chen, COO at MuchBetter. Today we continue our interview, this time speaking to Leyre N’Shimbi Fernandez, MuchBetter’s Head of Compliance and MLRO. Leyre, please could you introduce yourself to our readers? H... READ MORE

“At MuchBetter, We Believe in the Importance of Diversity and Inclusiveness” – Keren Chen, COO

December 22, 2021 - CasinoChick casino chick

You are probably used to seeing interviews with gaming companies here at, but we have something a bit different for you this time. Today at Casino Chick we have an exclusive chance to chat with Keren Chen of MuchBetter. The award-w... READ MORE

Lucksome Senior Product Officer Johan John Talks about “Building a Diverse Portfolio of Games to Cater for Everyone in Different Ways”

December 13, 2021 - CasinoChick casino chick

Lucksome studio is by now familiar to our casino ladies. If not, read our interviews with the team: Bryan Upton, Founder/Director Josefin Uppeke, Head of Creative & Games Designer Just click to read each respective interview. After ... READ MORE

“I Truly Learn Something New Every Day” – Lucksome’s Josefin Uppeke on Starting a New Gaming Studio

December 10, 2021 - CasinoChick casino chick

Having introduced the Director of Lucksome, it's time to meet the rest of the team. In today's interview, Chick sits down with Lucksome's first lady Josefin Uppeke. Josefin is the Head of Creative & Games Designer at the newly launched gaming stu... READ MORE

“The Industry Always Needs Fresh Blood and New Ideas” – Bryan Upton, Lucksome Director

December 6, 2021 - CasinoChick casino chick

Casino Chick is thrilled to continually introduce to you all the new kids on the block. The iGaming industry is ever-evolving, and new studios come up all the time. Therefore, keeping track of newcomers can be overwhelming to players. That’s whe... READ MORE

ATMOSFERA – Where The Sky Is not the Limit

November 24, 2021 - CasinoChick casino chick

Did you know that the phrase “the sky’s the limit” comes from poker? Well, it seems that the Russian live game developer ATMOSFERA does not exactly agree with that.  According to them, the sky is not the limit for your entertainment. What is, ... READ MORE

Mobile Gambling from A to Z – Mobile Gaming over the Years

November 24, 2021 - CasinoChick casino chick

Throughout its evolution, mobile gambling has come a long way. The global, almost viral, use of mobile phones after the first iPhone launch took gaming in general by storm. In 2007, Apple released its first-generation mobile device. As of that year, ... READ MORE

Neko Games’ Sebastian Perrier Talks the Universality of Bingo

November 10, 2021 - CasinoChick casino chick

  There are few things we like more than getting the inside scoop behind the curtains of the i-gaming industry. For those of you paying attention, our interviews with various experts in the field offer a lot of insight into how it all fits to... READ MORE

Top 3 Microgaming Independent Studios

October 29, 2021 - CasinoChick casino chick

Microgaming is a powerhouse, and as such, it has a massive network of independent studios working hard to deliver top content to Microgaming casinos. Casino Chick has covered a number of studios, and we had exclusive interviews with most of them. Bu... READ MORE

All41 Guys Talk: How Men View Women in Online Gaming

October 28, 2021 - CasinoChick casino chick

While being a woman-centric gambling-related hub, Casino Chick is no narrow-minded lady. In our articles, we make sure to provide an all-around image of the highly competitive online gaming industry. In that light, we have spoken to All41 Studios... READ MORE

“Piggy Is Quite the Charmer With Epic Jackpot up to 10,000x Your Bet” – Melanie Gauthier, PearFiction

October 5, 2021 - CasinoChick casino chick

Once again, the Casino Chick is back with a peek behind the scenes of the iGaming industry. This time, we’ll be talking to Montreal-based casino developer PearFiction’s General Manager, Melanie Gauthier. Specifically, we’ll be putting their upc... READ MORE

“Take a Chance and Gamble on Yourself” – Serena Petersen, SpinPlay Co-Founder

September 14, 2021 - CasinoChick casino chick

SpinPlay Games is a relatively new gaming studio to join the prolific Microgaming family. Microgaming signed a content deal with SpinPlay in 2020. However, in the one year of partnership, there have been multiple successful releases already. Ca... READ MORE

“Casino Chicks Support Casino Chicks” – Tara Townsend, Eurostar CEO

September 10, 2021 - CasinoChick casino chick

CasinoChick is devoted to both delivering top-notch content for female gamblers and acknowledging rising stars of the industry. In today’s piece, we are looking at Eurostar Studios, who has collaborated with Microgaming on two branded online slo... READ MORE

“Our Games Are Born from Math” – Andrea Schultz, SpinPlay Games CPO

September 7, 2021 - CasinoChick casino chick

Continuing the tradition of first-hand info straight from the horse's mouth, Casino Chick delivers another exclusive interview with online gaming industry leaders. This week, we had the honour of talking to Andrea Schultz, CPO at SpinPlay Games. Spin... READ MORE

“There Is Only One Word to Describe Green Jade Games – AMAZING!” – Junior Account Manager Emma Grech

August 23, 2021 - CasinoChick casino chick

Here at, we put an extra effort into giving your first-hand gambling-related info. In that spirit, we enjoy interviewing leading figures from the industry – from CEOs to managers and dealers. By covering multiple perspectives, we... READ MORE

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