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A cashback casino bonus is bonus money that casinos return to players after losses.

Ladies visiting casino websites are mostly familiar with this type of promotion as it’s a popular type. However, it has come to our attention that few ladies actually use its full potential.


Therefore, Casino Chick rounded up the best cashback casino bonus offers on the internet for you. We went a step further and created a guide that’ll help you find the best cashback bonus casinos. Below you will find a list of top cashback casinos as well as a guide for cashing out the cashback bonus.

Get ready to learn how to claim a cashback bonus and recuperate what you have previously lost!.

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Cashback casino offers exist to give you back a fragment of what you’ve lost. The well-intended casino behind the offer seeks to reward you for your time and effort. But what if we told you that the presence of the bonus is not the only criterion to judge the venue?

You have to pay attention to a host of factors and components when picking your next favourite gambling place online. Luckily for you, we have just the one.

The site on the left was, after much consideration, declared the very best cashback bonus casino website for Chick. The decision was tough but unanimous! We will explain what we were searching for.

First, we wanted to know its legal background and license under which it operates. Consider the box ticked! Second, we browsed its lobby and discovered an impressive assortment of exquisite gaming content. You won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure.

Besides the obvious cashback bonus, we reviewed its promotional offer and found it satisfactory.

But perhaps the most important part of the experience is safety, and this venue is dedicated to protecting its players. You will want for nothing at this venue. And on top of everything else, you will regularly get a chance to bounce back and recover lost funds.

visit casino!

What Is a Cashback Bonus?

Girls, by now, we have gotten used to complex gambling vocabulary strewn across the internet community. And yet, operators and software providers never fail to surprise us with new terms and phrases. Granted, casino cashback offers are not new – in fact, they have existed for years in the gambling realm.

Nevertheless, if you haven’t had the chance to meet and get to know this type of boosters, let us introduce you to your new favourite casino bonus offer.

Cashback is a type of casino bonuses which refers to bonus cash you will get back after you experience losses at the site. The amount is typical expressed in percentages, i.e., it is a percentage of what you’ve invested through deposits in the previous week or month.

How does a cashback bonus work?

Here is an example. Say you deposited $150 last week and lost most of it. The day for cashback rolled in, and the operator is offering you 10% of the deposited sum. Math might not be our strong suit, but we know that the cash return amount is $15. In this hypothetical case, a lady walks away with $15 in her pocket. She can use the money to play games further, of course. In most cases, the operator will even suggest that.

Gambling operators usually offer these deals on a certain day of the month or week.

Different Types of Cashback Offers

We don’t know about you, but we hate when operators do not give us enough variety in content and promotions. What are we supposed to do with only three kinds of boosters?

Nothing, that is what. Simply put, a lack of promo material – promotions and boosters – is boring. Instead, we always look for gaming brands who appreciate their female customers and offer various playful offers.

Casino cashback deals are a colourful bunch, which means you can enjoy various types at gambling sites. Here are some of the most popular types of casino cashback offers.


The most common form that you are bound to encounter across gambling sites is the weekly or monthly cashback casino bonus. The type involves a percentage of your net losses returned to you on a specific day on the week or during the month. For instance, Monday 10% Cashback is a bonus that you can claim only on Mondays if you meet the requirements – a certain net loss, and evidence of deposits in the previous week. In other words, you have to deposit and lose money during the week (or month) to be eligible for this promo.

Game/ Provider-Specific

Certain operators hold limited-edition cashback deals that cover specific games and or content from a specific provider. An example would be 10% cashback on Starburst or 10% cashback on NetEnt games. There you see that playing a specific game (or games from chosen providers) and losing within the game makes you eligible for this promotion.

Live Cashback

Live dealer tables are trending, which means providers are looking for ways to attract more customers to exclusive live table games. Some go as far as to offer live cashback bonus deals which enable players a unique chance to recuperate funds lost at live tables. Moreover, they can use the newly acquired funds to play more of such games and enjoy the exclusive live dealer experience.


Girls listen up – the deal we are about to discuss is the best deal you can get upon signing up with a gambling site. VIP cashback is an exclusive version of this bonus that only members of the VIP club get. It acts like any other bonus of this kind, except it has better conditions than the regular version. Or should we say, basic version? VIP Cashback bonuses have higher percentages and can come as casino credits or real money.

Why Should You Use Cashback?

If you ask regular visitors of gambling websites about cashback, they will probably say that such deals are not interesting. Sure, you don’t get access to exclusive events, gratis spins, or even additional cash. What you do get by claiming a casino cashback deal is more cash to play. That’s it, plain and simple.

Moreover, the cash you get is your cash, i.e., the cash you already deposited and lost at the venue.

So, what is the fun in that?

Well, for starters, the additional cash (or casino credits) will help you gain more recognition at the website. If there is a loyalty program, you’ll advance faster using these credits.

There is also the fact that you get to play more games with this extra money. They do not refer only to slots. They include a wide selection of casino content. One popular form is the live cashback bonus, which allows you to use your money at live dealer tables.

And finally, the most obvious advantage of this type of booster is the gratis money which the operator bestows upon you. The money represents a portion of your losses, which means not everything you’ve lost is gone for good.

To sum it all up, yes – it is not as exciting as other offers, but it gives you more technical freedom to enjoy all the wonders you can find at the site. And that is a powerful tool indeed.

How to Find the Best Cashback Bonus Online Casinos

Pour yourself a nice drink, sit comfortably, and let Chick take show you the path to the best gambling experience on the internet.

Our girls have busy as bees and produced a detailed list of steps needed for locating the best cashback bonus online casinos. You don’t have to spend ages browsing the internet for clues on this booster. We have it right here!

Here is how to find the top casinos that offer cashback bonuses. 

  1. Pick a venue. Check our base of gambling operators and find one you like the most.
  2. License and reputation. Check its license and reputation before visiting the site.
  3. Player status. See if players from your country are accepted.
  4. Site navigation and design. Visit the site and look at it. Does it have a user-friendly design? That is important for navigation.
  5. Content. Dive deep into the gaming lobby and see which games are included and featured. The vital thing to investigate is the presence of your favourite type of games.
  6. Suppliers. Are content suppliers in abundance and does the casino work with the biggest brands in the industry? The venue should offer a variety.
  7. Terms and conditions. Go over the terms and conditions and thoroughly read the conditions listed by the operator.
  8. Cashback deal terms. Another thing to examine is the set of rules for this special booster.
  9. Responsible gaming. Does the casino assist and help players facing problems? Does it protect its customers from harm?
  10. Banking & payments. The final thing you would need for a great gambling experience is a good payment option. Note how we said options, not one single option and that is it. Financial variety is a must.
  11. Customer Support. A Customer Support team should be at your side non-stop. Avoid casinos with shady working hours and unresponsive teams on live chat.

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of the list! We know it’s quite long, but all these items are necessary for a quality experience at gambling sites. Only if the site ticks all the boxes – all! – should you consider it a place worthy of your attention.

Key Facts about Cashback Deals

Let’s sum up everything we mentioned about online cashback casino offers before we move onto the next section. We fully intend to equip you with the necessary knowledge of claiming them, but let’s first do a recap.

So, here are the key facts about casino cashback deals:

  1. Cashback casino bonuses are percentage-based
  2. They are available only for registered players
  3. Typically given on specific days of the week/ month
  4. The players get between 5%-25% of their previous net losses
  5. Players get the money they have previously lost

There are more details, of course, but this is the crux of it. Also, we recommend checking the rules before signing up for such an offer. Remember to always be careful while picking bonuses at gambling websites!

How to Cash out a Cashback Bonus

Besides failing to properly understand cashback casino deals, players often misunderstand how to use cashback bonus offers. Don’t let that discourage you from applying and claiming one!

Chick’s team has a list of steps you could take to cash out a cashback casino bonus.

  1. Check the rules and follow them until you complete all requirements.
  2. Play games and try to enjoy them as much as you can.
  3. If you had losses in the set period and registered deposits, log into your account on the chosen day.
  4. Claim the offer by visiting your account.
  5. If you want to play further, go to the lobby, and play favourite games.
  6. If you want to withdraw funds, go to the Cashier page.
  7. Start a new transaction.
  8. Pick your payment option.
  9. Enter the sum you wish to cash out.
  10. Confirm the transaction.
  11. Wait for the money to appear in your bank account.

And let’s not forget the most important step – having fun! If you stop having fun, consider taking a break.

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Win some, lose some – regain some! That should be the motto of every single casino cashback bonus you encounter across gaming sites. If you are not sure which ones are the best ones for you, Chick has a solution, and it is right here on this page. Feel free to browse the best cashback casino bonus offers Casino Chick has prepared for you.

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