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Get your poker faces ready, because it’s time to play the best online poker women can find in online casinos.

Casino Chick, as always, was thorough in her search for the best online poker games and casino websites where women can play.


Our inspection of the online poker sites for women led us to a rich goldmine of poker gameplay that you can explore however you see fit.

We will give you all the necessary equipment, of course – from the best online casino websites for poker to an exclusive glimpse into the way we rate and compare poker online for female casino players.

Don’t worry, we will also go through basic rules, in case you wish to learn how to play poker online. The realm of top online casinos for poker is vast and blooming. Just stick with Casino Chick and let us show you what wonders await there.

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Forget dusty saloons populated by males because now online poker belongs to the ladies too. You can join the best poker casino sites regardless of your gaming preference or country of residence. Check out Chick’s list of best online poker games for ladies and find your new favourite table.

We made sure to include a variety of titles to suit all our readers. We paid attention to critical components, including RTP, betting options, payouts, best bonus offers and additional features. If you decide to learn more about each top online poker game, you can just click on the game and see the full game review.

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caribbean poker


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Minimum Bet:
Maximum Bet: 100
RTP: %
Max Payouts: 200:1
Sidebets: No
Rating: 82%
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atmosfera bet on poker


Read review
Minimum Bet: 1
Maximum Bet: 1000
RTP: 95%
Max Payouts: N/A
Sidebets: No
Rating: 92%
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side bet city


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Minimum Bet:
Maximum Bet: 250
RTP: 96.23%
Max Payouts: €250,000
Sidebets: No
Rating: 88%
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live ultimate texas hold’em


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Minimum Bet: 0.50
Maximum Bet: 1000
RTP: 99.47%
Max Payouts: 500:1
Sidebets: No
Rating: 89%
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The thrill of calling bluffs and winning in online poker for women is something few things in life can top. Opulent tables, high-class surroundings, and professional dealers paint a really appealing picture, right? Well, yes, and when you throw in casino bonuses, loyalties, and a generous RTP, there’s a game that’s worth your time. But such an experience is rarely found in free-play online poker games.

The best way to enjoy everything top online poker tables can offer is to go in with real cash. Only when you start playing online poker for real cash can you experience the full splendour of this game.

Plus, real money poker play is great because it brings excitement to a whole new level. However, don’t rush into things – play poker for free first to hone your skills and then transfer to the real money live arena.




If you are a newcomer, we recommend starting slow with regular tables. 3-Card Poker or Casino Hold’em are excellent choices for starting your career as a card player.

And once you get the hang of these tables and reach a certain proficiency level, it’s time to switch to more advanced games. Side Bet City, Caribbean Stud and similar live games are high on our list of recommendations for the best poker casino tables for ladies.

Below you will find the most popular versions that exist on the internet. The worldwide web is indeed wide, and it contains a myriad of variants that you can experiment with. Have a look at what you can find in your favourite casino and give it a go if it suits you.

Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud is a variation of a variation. More precisely, its rules developed out of 5-Card Poker during the 1980s. Today it remains one of the most popular choices with several titles from different providers. Playtech and NetEnt have their RNG games, while Evolution Gaming did a great job in transforming it into a live casino game.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a variant that mixes elements of poker and Pai Gow, a traditional Chinese game of dominoes. As you can guess it, it’s insanely popular across many US casinos. Playtech, Betsoft, Microgaming, and Play’n Go all enriched their portfolios with successful renditions of the game. Another name for this variation is Double Hand, and it uses one card deck with one Joker.

Live Casino Hold’em

Live Casino Hold’em is a live casino version of 5-Card that offers you a humongous jackpot. Evolution Gaming made it live a couple of years ago. What is interesting about this table is that you do not play against fellow players, but instead the casino.

Live Texas Hold’em

Evolution Gaming is a prolific creator of exclusive live tables and Live Texas Hold’em is one of ‘em! It’s a multi-player Texas Hold’em table that delivers prime gameplay in a luxurious setting only Evolution Gaming can pull off.


Live Casino Hold’em is produced by Evolution, allowing an unlimited number of participants to join the table and play for the possibility of benefiting from a Bonus Bet and Progressive Jumbo 7 Jackpot side bet. The five-card Texas Hold’em poker game is extremely popular and you will not find a better version online with real dealers than the one provided by Evolution.


Today, the game is a global phenomenon whose popularity is rarely questioned. However, not many punters are familiar with its origins and rise to fame.

Thankfully, your best Casino Chick friend is a real connoisseur, so she compiled a short, yet invigorating, modern-day online poker timeline.

  1. In the 10th century, one Chinese emperor enjoyed playing a game that mixes dominoes and cards. Some experts are convinced this was a very early form of poker.
  2. During the 16th century, As Nas was a popular sport in Persia. Other experts are convinced this is the real beginning of the game.
  3. Nearly 100 years later, the game emerges in Europe at last. The French came up with the concept, rules, and name – it bore the name Poque. Interestingly, a similar concept became popular in Germany and was known as Pochen. No one really knows the truth, but most predict that they grew out of Primero, a Spanish card game that was popular back then.
  4. The beginning of the 19th century marks the period of great expansion for this casino sport. French colonists set sail for America and bring it with them on their voyage. The turbulent era provides a lot of material for history lessons, and it was also the era of American Poque, or simply – poker.
  5. Eighty years later, and the saloons in the Wild West are the places where one goes for a bit of Hold’em fun.
  6. During the 1910s, the harsh reality of World War 1 is so tough on the soldiers that they do everything to take their mind off war, including playing poker. The soldiers become prime transmitters of the game that is to reach its international fame.
  7. Fast forward nearly eighty years again, and it is the epitome of casino gaming across international land-based casinos. However, the appearance of the internet hints that that is just the beginning of the road.
  8. And finally, the beginning of the 21st century is when the game became digitalized – the RNG version known as video poker became a favourite pastime for many a player, with dozens of online variants popping up like mushrooms everywhere. The launch of live casinos only pushed it under the spotlight more and cemented its place at the top of the casino world.

Online Poker vs Video Poker

Our readers often ask us whether video poker and online poker are the same thing. And so, we decided to end the debate once and for all.

The short answer to this question is that no, they are not the same. The long answer entails a longer explanation of how each version works, and we will do precisely that in just a moment.

Online poker is the digital version which you can enjoy on various game platforms. The platforms function as hubs for casino aficionados which get there, register, and place deposits. The virtual experience lets you play with other punters – who are real people – but without a live, face-to-face approach.

On the other side of the spectrum lies video poker. The video version is RNG, which means it uses the Random Number Generator as the mechanism for pulling out card combos. Before the internet, these were machines (just like slots) which stood in land-based casinos and pubs.

Nowadays, both are popular, although the virtual one offers infinitely more chances to play, win, and have fun. Video poker fits newcomers more due to its simplistic design and gameplay.


Your mobile device is a handy thing, but did you know you can use it to play poker online? Not only that, but you can access a plethora of the best online casino websites for poker in the industry.

Before you run off to play the games on your smartphone, read through our final tips for a better mobile gaming experience:

Top Mobile Gaming Tips

  • Choose the website carefully. Not all venues are there to keep you satisfied and protected. Have a look at our casino reviews before you pick a mobile casino.
  • Try apps – they are better anyway. If you are unsure about a casino website and fear scams, why not switch to apps? Native apps provide better playing conditions to the players and generally have a better quality when it comes to content.
  • Baby steps and small bets. Once you pick a site or app, it’s time to start playing. Don’t rush this – pick a betting limit and try not to swerve off lane during intense rounds of gameplay. Keep your cash balance in check, and you will always be protected in the casino.
  • Just like when playing on desktop, you want to make your money last on mobile as well. Take your time building your bankroll and start with small bets. Don’t run away from cheap real money poker tables, as they will allow you to enjoy more leisurely play on the move.
  • Your Wi-Fi connection is a factor as well. Connections that are you are not sure of can pose a great threat to you if you play casino games on them. Try to visit the web only using secure networks.
  • Check the paytable. Before you enter and take a seat at the table, make sure you are familiar with the table rules, limits, and payouts.
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Most common questions related to online casino poker


Yes, you can! To play online poker for free, you need to find a casino that offers demo play and enough titles that you can enjoy.

Although there are strict laws that prohibit gambling in Australia, online gambling in casinos outside Australia does not fall under those laws. You can enjoy top-rated casino games in the best poker casino sites that accept Aussies – just make sure to check T&C of the website.

This depends on what you are looking for. Moreover, there are so many venues that we cannot exactly pick just one as the best online casino websites for poker. For venues which fit the description, check out our casino page.

Online poker is currently legal in only four US states. Those are Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Sure, you can – just make sure to find one which suits you on all accounts and sign in! Online poker tournaments are a great way to jazz up the playtime, as they bring awesome rewards to the best-placed participants.