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Fans of live casino games are sometimes discouraged from searching for lucrative deals that could suit their gaming preferences.

That’s because not all online casinos have live casino games, nor do they feature enough live dealer casino bonus offers.


But that was in the past. Nowadays, international brands have realised how important it is to bring the authentic casino feeling closer to their clients. And lo and behold, a plethora of exciting deals have bloomed in digital gambling halls all over the world.

And guess who knows about the best live dealer casino bonus deals out there?

You guessed it right; it’s this Casino Chick right here. Our team has been busy as popcorn on a skillet, and we managed to collect all the top deals you should give a go. Keep reading to find what we prepared for you. 

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Opulence and exclusivity have become synonyms for live dealer casino bonuses. The splendour of top-rated digital gambling venues is the perfect setting to enjoy such luxurious offers. Nevertheless, a little bit of caution can never hurt, especially if you are sitting at big tables like these.

Before you take up a live casino bonus offer, make sure you checked the following aspects:

  • Does the bonus include all the perks that you want?
  • What are the wagering requirements?
  • Do you have enough time to complete the rollover before the offer expires?

Please check the terms and conditions before you claim any offer. That way, you will know exactly what you are signing up for, and you will stay protected against scams.

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What is a Live Dealer Casino Bonus?

Chick understands that sometimes, even the most imperturbable of players can get impatient with bonuses. Haste can make them rush into things before thinking everything through.

But Chick is there to help you avoid such situations. And we are going to do that here by explaining in detail what live dealer casino bonuses are. Let’s start with a definition first.

Live dealer casino bonuses are deals which online gambling sites offer to their loyal customers. They can include promo cash or free chips that players can use for playing live dealer games. Every bonus comes with a string of conditions and requirements like rollover, expiry date, minimum bet requirements, and maximum withdrawals. 

As with every promotional package, you need to be careful before registering for a bonus. We always advise our female players to first do a check-up of the website by reading through terms and conditions. Another important stop during your search should be the promotions page, so you could get a clear picture of everything that’s going on there.

And don’t forget to consult our operator reviews. We might include details that you have overlooked during your examination.

You can find similar promotions on almost every gambling site that have live games in the lobby. The catch is to know which deals to look for, as there are numerous promotions that you can participate in.

Different Types of Live Dealer Bonuses

Women in online casinos are entitled to their gaming preferences, so we try to stay diverse with our offering. And the gaming websites do too!

There are several offers that you can take in live casinos across the globe. We usually categorize them in the following manner:

  • Live Casino Welcome Bonus
  • Live Blackjack Bonus
  • Live Roulette Bonus
  • Cashback
  • Free Cash and Chips
  • Live Casino Tournaments

Each of these offers has a unique benefit for the players. Depending on what you are looking for, you should decide which one you wish to try out. Or try them all, if you are a hardcore fan of real-action gambling!

From the moment you enter and join a venue, you become eligible for a string of premium offers and promotional packages. If you thought that only a Welcome package is in the cards for you – pun very much intended – you were wrong. Cashback, reload, free chips, and free cash promotional packs are at your disposal in every venue that values its reputation. Keep reading for more details about each type of live casino bonus offers.

Live Casino Welcome Bonus

The first thing you get when you arrive at the digital entrance of a venue is the Welcome Package. If you are a fan of real-time action tables, you’d probably look for something that can pair well with your tastes. Look no further, because Casino Chick has a cosy collection of the best live casino welcome bonuses.

Live Blackjack Bonus

Fancy yourself as a blackjack pro? Say no more. Casino Chick offers chic blackjack bonuses that lead to some of the most exclusive tables in the industry. If you think you have what it takes for winning at such tables, don’t hesitate to browse our live blackjack promo offers.

Live Roulette Bonus

If card games aren’t your thing, there is always a fancy roulette wheel to spin in the exclusive lobby. A nice incentive for visiting such tables would be a groovy live bonus offer, right? Head over to Chick’s list to find our top-rated live roulette bonuses to stimulate your experience.


Playing card games in real-time often lead to losses (not everyone can be a winner always), so venues have a way of helping with that. Cashback bonuses are great because they help you recover a percentage of your lost funds. Wagering requirements and rules are lax, which makes this offer perfect for players. Whenever you feel like claiming such an offer, check with Casino Chick because she always has a healthy dose of these.

Free Cash and Chips

From time to time, the sites you play on will give you a batch of free chips that you can use for the tables. This is the equivalent to free spins in video slots. And if you love free spins, you are going to adore free chips! It’s the same with free cash. A certain percentage of your deposit will be given to you to do with it as you please. Only remember that the cash is for live tables only.

Live Casino Tournaments

If you thought playing these games is an exclusive treat, wait until you enter special, limited-edition live tournaments. Access is usually restricted to mortals, but the resourceful Chick has a solution. You don’t have to be royalty to get a special invitation for high-class tournaments; you only need to submit our live casino bonus codes.

Why Should You Use a Live Casino Bonus?

Using live casino bonuses can have many benefits for players. They are not only fun, but they genuinely give you a better chance to increase your budget in the lobby.

In short, here are some of the best advantages to using live dealer casino bonuses that sites offer:

  1. You have better playing conditions
  2. Free chips and cash that you can use to play longer
  3. Loose rollover and lax requirements
  4. Access to restricted events
  5. Massive cash prizes and prize pools
  6. You get to play the latest games, sometimes even for free

See what we are talking about? These offers are probably the best thing which can happen to you if you like this type of entertainment.

You don’t have to use them if you don’t want to. No one is forcing you to accept promotional offers, but they could jazz up your adventure a lot. You can see how privileged playtime makes quite a difference from regular play just by looking at the listed benefits.

We also like to see venues experimenting with ways of acquiring these perks. Special deals, limited-time offers, and exclusive promos are just some of the ways to grab yourself a lucrative live casino bonus. There’s always something happening in the lobby, and we are confident you will never encounter a dull day there.

How to Find the Best Live Dealer Bonus Online Casino Site

We told you how digital gaming halls work tirelessly to attract new players. However, we must note that they are not always as considerate and player-oriented as you might think.

All offers aim to attract you with promises of grand things, but you might get caught up in sticky bonuses or insuperable playthrough.

We are guessing you want to avoid this, so we devised a guide which will help you recognize trustworthy venues with solid bonuses.

The first thing you should do is visit the website and get to exploring. Leave no stone unturned – read about its terms and conditions, privacy policy, and safety measures.

While you’re there, don’t forget to scan the bonus rules, as it contains precious info about rollover and wagering contribution. Oh, and expiry date. That’s essential!

Your next step should be to take a tour around the lobby, and see which games are on display. Trust us, you do not want to join a casino with a mediocre portfolio. Only crème de la crème is acceptable for our dear lady casino players!

When you finish your tour, head back to Chick’s reviews to complete the puzzle. In case you missed something, we might offer details about important factors, such as:

  • Licenses
  • Residential restrictions
  • Customer support
  • Banking options
  • Authentication and verification processes

And remember, only when you are 100% positive about joining the venue should you complete the registration process.

Key Facts About Live Dealer Casino Bonuses

  • Live casino bonuses are boosters intended for live casino table play
  • Some bonuses come with promo codes; some do not
  • Main live dealer bonus categories are cashback, welcome bonus, and free chips/cash 
  • Before taking a deal, players should check T&C for info

How to Cash Out a Live Casino Bonus

We’ve shown you plenty of things here today, but only one thing remains to be explained. And it’s arguably the most important part of the whole live-dealer-casino-bonus enchilada.

Dear ladies, you now know how to look for offers, differentiate between good and bad ones, and how to claim them. But how to cash out a live casino bonus? That is the question.

To withdraw your winnings, make sure you have fulfilled all wagering requirements. Check contributions – every game has a wagering contribution – to get a sense of rollover you are facing.

With live dealer bonuses, real-time card tables always have a 100% contribution. Whereas for other games, the percentage may vary.

For instance, slots might have a 10% contribution, which means wagering €50 in a slot game will produce a €5 contribution. Do the math, and you will quickly realise how ineffective this can be in the long run. So, play the games with the highest contribution, and you’ll quickly reach your goal.

When this happens, you will only need to visit the Cashier’s page and choose the amount you wish to withdraw. Initiate the transaction and wait for it to complete. A piece of cake!

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Die-hard fans of the pure casino entertainment are often drawn to live dealer casino tables. Thankfully for them, casinos have a plethora of lucrative live casino bonus offers which bring their gaming experience to a whole new level. Don’t miss out on the awesome offers Chick uncovered just for you!

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