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Women playing at top online casinos are often perceived as carefree players who only want to spend some of their free time having fun without any mental effort.


But let me tell you something, women sure know how to play blackjack.

Far from being an all-male preserve, online blackjack is a particularly convenient platform for ladies. It gives them the option to prove they are as equally adept as men at learning blackjack strategies and more so to do that from the comfort of their homes.

Lady gamblers wishing to gain their footing in this exciting casino game are welcome to scroll further down where we will discuss different elements of roulette online, including history, gameplay, and the best casino websites.

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Gaming theoreticians have never been able to reach a widely accepted consensus over the exact point in history when blackjack was invented.

Some claim it was invented by the Romans, others have traced it back to the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes and his literary artwork. The strongest argument over blackjack’s origin states it kicked off around 1700 in French casinos, where it was referred to as Vingt-et-Un which translates into 21. Some claim it most likely derives from two French card games – Chemin de Fer and French Ferme.

A vale of mystery only added to blackjack’s popularity as a game that evolved over centuries to become the game players simply adore. The online casino industry marked an important milestone in blackjack’s history, however. Today, this game – due to the expansion of live dealer casinos in particular – is available in various versions and styles that add to its beauty and style.

On this page, you will find the top roulette games online and only the best casino sites to play roulette for free and real money.

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Bet Behind Pro Blackjack Pragmatic Play i
bet behind pro blackjack

Pragmatic Play

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Minimum Bet:
Maximum Bet:
RTP: %
Max Payouts:
Sidebets: No
Rating: %
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Gravity Blackjack i
beter live gravity blackjack


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Minimum Bet: 1
Maximum Bet: 5000
RTP: 99.51%
Max Payouts: 3000:1
Sidebets: No
Rating: 90%
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free bet blackjack


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Minimum Bet:
Maximum Bet: 5000
RTP: 98.45%
Max Payouts:
Sidebets: No
Rating: 5%
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OA Standard Blackjack Live i
oa standard blackjack


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Minimum Bet:
Maximum Bet: 1500
RTP: 99.44%
Max Payouts: 100:1
Sidebets: No
Rating: 88%
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How to Play Online Blackjack?

If a lady keen to get her feet into blackjack would ask us to explain it in the simplest terms possible, we’d say it’s a comparing card game between several players and a dealer.

Players are individually pitched against the dealer and are supposed to beat him – or her – in a deck (or more) standard 52-card deck(s). the main objective is to draw cards totalling closest to 21 – without going over – beating the dealer’s count along the way.

It sounds pretty simple and rather straightforward, right? And it is. But what is it about blackjack that mesmerises players to such a great extent? Blackjack is a game of skill and that’s the main point. Unlike games of chance – such as slots of bingo – blackjack involves some strategic knowledge.

The game starts with the dealer giving all players two cards each. The dealer is also dealt two cards – one facing up and the other facing down.  Higher denominations – kings, queens, and jacks are all worth 10 each, whereas the Aces can be used both as 1 or 11. The cards 2 through 10 are worth their natural value. The best total of all is a two-card blackjack – 21. Once the players are all dealt their cards, the dealer will reveal the hidden card. The dealer needs to draw more cards if the cards total is less than 17 – usually called Dealer’s Soft 17.

The players are allowed to ‘Hit’ – take another card in order to try and get closer to 21. Going over means you ‘bust’ and you lose your bet. You can also choose to ‘Stand’ – draw no more cards as you hope to beat the dealer with your current count. Another option is to ‘Double Down’ – which doubles your original bet while the dealer deals you another card.  If your first two cards are of the same denomination, you can ‘Split’ – where you make a second bet equal to your first and then use each of the cards as the first card in separate hands which are then played normally. Ultimately, you can take ‘Insurance’ when the dealer’s hand is an ace. The insurance is taken for half of the original bet and will pay out 2-1 as there’s a great chance the dealer will get a blackjack.

As you can see for yourself, blackjack is a strategic game that requires plenty of pre-acquired knowledge. And if you ladies think this sounds complicated, just wait until we get to rule variations! Until we do, however, you are all advised to head over to a casino from our selected – and vetted – list and practice this game a bit, in order to get a firm grip on the basics.



The introduction of live dealer casinos has truly reshaped the blackjack landscape.

The usual game variants are being hybridised and re-invented for the sake of keeping the excitement level at its maximum. Nevertheless, the most common types of blackjack are still differentiated by the number of card decks and rule interpretation. Without getting in too much detail – and knowing that all players reading this must have their heads bursting with information – here is the list of the most popular blackjack types:

  • Vegas Strip Blackjack
  • Atlantic City Blackjack
  • European Blackjack

Other than geography keeping them different, the set of rules from these three most common blackjack variants fluctuate as well. Displaying them through a table should help any player understand it better as it’s a widespread notion that we are more of a visual type than boys.

Ain’t that right?

Vegas Strip

Atlantic City


Number of Decks

4 8 Usually 6

Dealer’s Soft 17

Dealer Stands Dealer Stands Dealer Stands


On Any 2 Cards On Any 2 Cards 9, 10, & 11 Only

Doubling After Split

Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes No


No Yes No

Dealer Peek

On Tens & Aces On Tens & Aces No


Other popular blackjack variants include:

  • Blackjack Double Exposure
  • Blackjack Switch
  • Progressive Blackjack
  • Perfect Pairs


Blackjack comes with many types which illustrate its beauty and variability. As a game with the total house edge less than 1%, blackjack offers many different ways players can gain an advantage over the dealers. The most common variations to standard rules any strategy-oriented blackjack loving lady should be aware of are:

  • Double Down after Splitting Pairs – Players are normally allowed to double after splitting which immediately cuts the house advantage by around 0.15%.
  • Resplitting on Aces – Many online casinos will let you resplit on an initial split. Even though it’s not allowed in all blackjack variants, this rule will bring an advantage over the dealer.
  • Surrendering – Forfeiting the hand after the deal in a surrender means you lose half of your stake. It’s the right thing to do in not many situations. This particular rule increases the house edge by 0.07% in a multiple-deck blackjack and 0.,02% in a single-deck game.
  • Dealer Peek – This particular occurrence will end the hand immediately. It happens when the dealer checks their card to see if it’s a ten-value on an exposed Ace. In this particular instance – on a dealer’s blackjack – players are allowed to do an early surrender and thus steer away from making the additional losses.
  • Blackjack Payout – in a game of blackjack where most of the rules go to the player’s advantage, online casinos will reduce the payout for player blackjacks to 6:5 – instead of commonplace 3:2. A reduced payout increases the house edge by over 1% which is considered a bankroll breaker for the player.


What is the basic strategy in blackjack? How do you read a basic strategy in blackjack? Casino Chick answers all your blackjack-related questions right here. Learn the best blackjack strategy with the help of your gaming bestie – Casino Chick.

Ladies are serious competitors to their male counterparts. Four men invented card counting in blackjack but females made it powerful. Tens of thousands of women are counting cards by vocation right now. Angie Hardy, Monica Reeves, Cathy Hulbert and Eleanore Dumont are the best professional female blackjack players right now. The four horsewomen of blackjack-pocalipse, if you will.

Advanced lady blackjack players reading this article know that strategies are important in order to be successful at this game. The most commonly used strategies in blackjack are:

  • Shuffle Tracking
  • Basic Strategy
  • Counting Cards
  • Deviations

To an extent, each of these strategies is rather self-explanatory.

In a nutshell, card counting is the process of tracking cards. This is done by assigning cards a value that is later subtracted or added. The goal is to have a true count of the cards. You don’t need prodigious memory to be a good card counter; you just need to be a good strategist. Generally, the more Aces and royals there are in the shoe, the better for the player.

Here is how to assign values to cards in card-counting:

  • 2 – 6 – add 1 point
  • 7 – 9 – 0 point (keep the same count)
  • 10 – A – subtract 1 point

As for the shuffle tracking, it goes hand-in-hand with card counting. Shuffle tracking refers to analysing deck shuffle in an attempt to memorize where high and low cards go.

This is but the tip of the blackjack strategy iceberg. Casino Chick will build on your existing knowledge in our upcoming articles and posts. Stay tuned!

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Most common questions related to online blackjack


Yes, blackjack is perfectly playable in virtual gambling environments. Playing blackjack online is safe and not rigged unlike some misconceptions. Online casinos use RNG (random number generator) software to ensure 100% random and fair outcomes. Additionally, decks are frequently shuffled, making circumstances unfavourable for card counters, although not impossible.

How to choose the perfect blackjack for women is the first step. Pick your favourite variant and see what operators offer that developer’s games. Read blackjack casino reviews on See if table limits suit your balance and preferred betting system. Register with a licensed and regulated blackjack online casino.

No, online blackjack is not rigged. On the contrary, playing blackjack in online casinos is just as safe as playing in brick-and-mortar venues. Land-based casinos simply use different ways of safeguarding the game. Digital casinos go for famous, reliable RNG software to guarantee random results in online blackjack.

Yes, you can trust online blackjack casino sites if you play at a licensed, trustworthy establishments. Check the operator’s reputation in advance. However, as a rule of thumb, online blackjack is safe so rest assured.

Free blackjack is playable against the computer. In other words, you cannot play online blackjack with your fellow ladies. However, if you want to play for real money, play blackjack at a live casino. This way, you can chat with other blackjack players in variants such as Majority Rules, for example.