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BETER Live Gravity Blackjack Review

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Gravity Blackjack is a live blackjack table by BETER Live from 2022. The game offers high volatility with a 99.51% RTP. This live dealer game also features multipliers as bonus features and four side bets. Blackjack pays 3:2, but thanks to Multipliers, the maximum win potential is 3000:1. The table is available for playing on both desktop & mobile.



Live blackjack, especially live blackjack tables created by BETER Live, is always a good choice for players looking to enjoy premium live blackjack entertainment. With Gravity Blackjack, though, players get more than just a classic blackjack table. Armed with four side bets, 3:2 blackjack payouts, and 99.51% RTP, Gravity Blackjack is the multiplier-happy live blackjack table with a lot of potential from BETER Live.

If you want to learn more about the table’s bets, side bets, and payouts, read our Gravity Blackjack review right below. The highest possible win in the game is 3000:1 with a betting range of $1-$5000.

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Gravity Blackjack is a live blackjack table played with 8 decks. The shoe is shuffled after the dealer uses four decks. BETER Live made the game fit every screen size, so there is no fear of not being able to play the game on certain screens. Please make sure your casino supports mobile gaming before you start playing Gravity Blackjack.

The table follows standard blackjack rules. The dealer draws cards and deals with the player and the dealer. There’s an unlimited number of seats at the table as the game is multiplayer.

Now, the core of the game revolves around two parts – at its centre, a standard round of blackjack, as well as four side bets that act as layers for Gravity Blackjack gameplay. We will cover the side bets in the section below, so for now, let’s focus on the core part of the round.

At the start of each round, the dealer deals two cards to the players and one to themselves. If the Dealer card is an Ace, there’s the option of taking Insurance (pays 2:1). Important blackjack rules:

  • Double down possible on any two first cards
  • Double down possible on Split hands (one Split/hand)
  • The dealer stands on 17.
  • Dealer checks for Blackjack on Aces, not 10s.

Variance is high. Please bear in mind that the lowest you can wager on the game equals $1, while the maximum possible bet is $5,000.

As said, an unlimited number of players can join the game at any given time. At the start of the round, all players participating in the round receive the same 2 cards, but their decisions afterwards determine their own unique outcomes. It is up to you to try and decide whether it’s best to Hit, Stand, Split or Double down (depending on the options available).

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Casino Chick Best tips for BETER Live Gravity Blackjack

  • Gravity Blackjack has multipliers attached to side bets, not the main bet.
  • The maximum multiplier in the game is 10x, while the lowest is 2x.
  • Four side bets exist – Perfect Pair, 21+3, Dealer Bust, and Lucky Ladies.
  • The optimal RTP in Gravity Blackjack is 99.51%.


Gravity Blackjack has four side bets: Perfect Pair, 21+3, Lucky Ladies, and Dealer Bust.

Perfect Pair – if the two dealt cards in the hand form a pair, this side bet pays. The payout depends on the ‘strength’ of the hand, meaning you get different payouts for different pair types. A Mixed Pair pays between 5 and 50x, while a Coloured Pair (matching the colour of the cards) pays between 10 and 100x. Finally, the Perfect Pair is a pair of cards that match both in number and suit.

21+3 – this side bet refers to the poker hand that is formed out of the player’s two cards and the dealer’s face-up card. The bigger the hand, the better the payout. Suited Trips are the best outcome for this side bet paying between 100x and 1000x.

Lucky Ladies – This side bet pays if the player’s hand contains a Queen or if the total of the two initial cards dealt is 20. If you successfully land a Pair of Queen of Hearts, you might get a payout of 100x-1000x.

Dealer Bust – Finally, this side bet wagers on the number of cards it would take the dealer to go bust. Payouts increase as the number of cards increases. For instance, if the dealer requires 8 or more cards to go bust (and eventually does indeed go bust) you get a payout that’s between 300x and 3000x.

Now, let’s discuss the star of the show – the Multipliers.

Multipliers are not applied on the base game, but rather only on side bets. In each round, before the cards are dealt and once betting is closed, random Multipliers will appear and attach to the side bets. If you happen to win the side bet in question, you will get the payout.

Possible Multipliers that might appear are 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, and 10x.


In case you are a fan of multipliers in live dealer games or enjoy blackjack with a twist, we invite you to check out our list of games that are similar to BETER Live Gravity Blackjack live. We threw in a couple of classic tables and one roulette table as well.

Top 5 Games Similar to Gravity Blackjack

  1. Live Blackjack by BETER Live
  2. Quantum Blackjack by Playtech
  3. Lightning Blackjack by Evolution
  4. Standard Blackjack by OnAir Entertainment
  5. Gravity Roulette by BETER Live


While we do enjoy classic blackjack, we also enjoy playing more modern versions of the game of 21 as well. Gravity Blackjack is, interestingly, both – the game mixes and matches elements of traditional blackjack with next-generation tech to create a table that brings excitement and innovation to the world of blackjack.

We particularly enjoyed the side bets as they add much-needed depth to the experience. There’s the Lucky Ladies side bet that pays if the hand contains a Queen or if the total is 20 for the first two cards. We liked that one too.

Besides these multipliers, the game is a standard blackjack table with 3:2 payouts and 8 decks. In other words – a standard game with a bit of a twist.


Once you decide to start playing Gravity Blackjack, you must choose a wagering amount that fits the table limits. In Gravity Blackjack, the lowest possible sum you can place as a stake per round is $1. On the other hand, the maximum you can stake is $5,000 which is a quite generous betting range. That means that the game is made to fit both low rollers and high rollers.

Here is the full paytable for Gravity Blackjack.

Main Bets

  • Blackjack – 3:1
  • Winning Hand – 1:1
  • Insurance – 2:1

Perfect Pairs

  • Mixed Pair – 5-50:1
  • Coloured Pair – 10-100:1
  • Perfect Pair – 20-200:1


  • Flush – 4-40:1
  • Straight – 10-100:1
  • Three of a Kind – 20-200:1
  • Straight Flush – 30-300:1
  • Suited Trips – 100-1000:1

Lucky Ladies

  • Any Queen – 1-10:1
  • Any 20 – 2-20:1
  • Suited 20 – 10-100:1
  • Matched 20 – 20-200:1
  • Queen of Hearts Pair – 100-1000:1

Dealer Bust

  • 4 or 3 – 1-10:1
  • 5 – 10-100:1
  • 6 – 25-250:1
  • 7 – 100-1000:1
  • 8 or More – 300-3000:1

The optimal RTP rate for the game is 99.51%.

what we like

  • Classic and modern blackjack table
  • Good multipliers and game payouts

what we don’t like

  • Highly volatile


If you are a fan of Evolution’s Lightning Blackjack or Quantum Blackjack by Playtech, you will probably enjoy Gravity Blackjack by BETER Live. Like the two mentioned tables, Gravity Blackjack is filled with multipliers and uses them as the main tool for enhancing winnings. However, there’s one major difference – the multipliers play no role in the base game but are rather attached to the side bets.

Compared to most blackjack live dealer tables out there, Gravity Blackjack offers two things: first, it’s a classic blackjack table with elegant gameplay, and second, it’s a fantastic feature-filled modern release. In other words, it strikes the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.


The game is already live at all BETER Live online casinos worldwide. Check out the list of our recommendations to find the best BETER Live casino where you can play Gravity Blackjack for real money.

BETER Live Gravity Blackjack has a 99.51% RTP.

Blackjack pays 3:2, while Insurance pays 2:1. However, thanks to multipliers, the game’s max payout goes up to 3000:1. Check out the full paytable for all payouts above.

Yes, you can. The game fits every screen size, including smartphones and tablets.

BETER Live Gravity Blackjack total score:

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Release year:2022

Available on:Desktop, Mobile

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