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One day, one person, one thought. It was time to put an end to inequality in online gaming. Our small yet committed team decided to launch Casino Chick to welcome all female players. Online gambling is no longer reserved for male gamblers only. The future of gambling online is now and it’s female.

Coming from different backgrounds but sharing a vision, we came together to set a woman-centric casino site in motion. Now that you’re here, girl, you’ll never go to another casino site again.

We specialise in top casinos for women and the most popular casino games for ladies. We listen to your wishes and deliver content accordingly. After reviewing the best casino websites for women, we examine their game portfolios.

What you want from casinos is what you’ll get from Casino Chick. That’s a promise. If you have suggestions, we’ll gladly listen to your opinion. Share your thoughts with us and we’ll bring back the information you need to know.


Casino Chick is just a regular girl who likes to play online casino games.

Surprised, to say the least, and disappointed if you wish, by the lack of online casino guides and directories catering to women, she teamed up with a group of gaming enthusiasts to tackle the usual notion that online gambling is a man’s business.

Born out of an idea that ladies deserve as much attention as men when it comes to iGaming, is intended to emerge as a comprehensive gambling guide girls will come back to.

This gambling girls’ portal will provide an extensive overview of all relevant online casino aspects so you won’t have to go through the trouble of doing it yourself. It is our mission to help you find reliable and trustworthy online casinos that best cater to women’s taste and give you a complete lowdown of what’s to expect from it, even before you decide to join.

In a word, we’re here to provide a woman’s view into online gambling and we won’t stop until you get all the knowledge and expertise required to make your online playing time both more enjoyable and successful.

To achieve such a goal, Casino Chick will prepare detailed reviews of best games for ladies, of best companies creating them and of places to play those. We’re here to educate ladies with a penchant for gaming as well and we’re sure our ‘How To’ section will be extremely popular especially with those of you, ladies, who are still thinking about whether to enter the beautiful online casino world.  Not only will we provide textual analyses of the hottest online casino topics but we will also give you a visual incentive through step-by-step video tutorials. Cool, right?

We’re going to make sure you are kept up to date with all relevant industry news and will keep our eyes peeled for any changes, updates and occurrences we deem important and noteworthy. Casino Chick is a gambling girl friend you can rely on so don’t be shy to approach her on any casino subject that concerns you. We’re more than open to hearing suggestions on how to make Casino Chick better so just fire us a message through our contact page.

Our Mission.

Our mission

To offer an accepting online gambling community for women based on equality and user-specific needs.

Our Promise

Our Promise

We pledge to write honest, unbiased and informative reviews of sites, games and banking methods.

Our Principles

Our principles

Objectivity. Honesty. Ethics. Responsibility. Fairness.

Our Vibe

Our vibe

Welcoming and inviting – we accept everyone who wants to know more and grow with us.

Review Process

How Does it Work?

Initial Research

Digging up diamonds

Casino Chick visits online casinos for women and scans for licenses and endorsements.

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A closer look

We sign up, avail the welcome bonus and chat with customer support to check their responsiveness.

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Cutting Diamonds

We play the most popular casino games for women and see how fast the withdrawals and cashouts are.

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Selecting Diamonds

The final product is a comprehensive and candid casino review with all the pros and cons that come with it.


Girls, just like guys, must practice social responsibility when gambling online.

The chief principle of responsible gambling is not playing if you’re under the legal age of 18. Persons under 18 are legally considered unable to make sound decisions, especially under pressure. Gambling presents entertainment above all but can get challenging if you’re on a losing streak. In such cases, maturity plays a crucial role in knowing when to stop.

Online casinos for ladies are the place for fun and joy. Don’t let an unlucky day take the best of you and make you lose self-control. Instead, gamble responsibly to stay safe. Manage your bankroll wisely by setting up daily and weekly limits. Do not exceed the boundaries you set for yourself. When the fun stops, you should, too.

You can read more about responsible gambling on and BeGambleAware.


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