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Casino Chick Guide

A Detailed Casino Guidebook

The online gambling realm is a tough nut to crack, especially if you are a female player. There simply aren’t enough sites which tackle the matter in a way that would suit girls in online casino gaming.

But Casino Chick is here to save the day! Our website is meant to be a haven for all ladies in online casinos. Whatever you need – Casino Chick is here to supply it.

The extent of our offer is not easy to crunch into a couple of sentences. Hence, our advice is to browse and explore our site which is full of insightful articles, tips, and reviews of games and sites to find valuable information. We provide a thorough walkthrough across various spheres of online casinos for women. That includes unbiased site reviews which we carefully checked (and double-checked), so you wouldn’t have to. Moreover, we offer extensive guides and strategies for every individual game at the top casino website lobbies. Should you require quick access to the best online casinos for women, just drop by our top lists.


Passion for gaming and dedication is sometimes not enough for a successful career in online casino gaming. Believe us – we’d know. There are infinite details to keep in mind, a string of info to look for, and a long list of boxes to tick. And not all venues tick them, girl! But that’s what you have us for. The years which we have spent in the industry have yielded more than enough experience crystalized in our Casino Chick guides.

If you are just starting, this Casino Chick beginner’s guide will be a perfect way to kick-start your adventure. We made sure to cover every vital aspect of online play, including an introduction to registration processes, bonuses and promotions, and banking methods that you can use throughout the adventure. The basics of online gambling are laid out for you in this Casino Chick guide – your only task is to relax and read through.

But don’t get us wrong, girl. We are not here just to show stuff around – we aim to help you. And the best way to do that is to equip you with enough tools to recognize the quality of the digital venues and games which you opt for. You can click on any of the displayed topics for an in-depth analysis. On each page, you will also find a step-by-step process of evaluation and assessment of gambling site offers. The path to knowledge has truly never been shorter – it’s a simple click away.


Before you begin soaking up the knowledge on offer here, there’s one piece of advice that we must share with you. At the same time, it’s one of the first things which you must learn before you step into the online gaming arena. And that, ladies, is patience.

With this Casino Chick guide, you will find the best casino websites for women; there is no doubt about that. However, we cannot just teach you how to find a reliable casino for ladies and be done with it. There are things which you must do on your own too. For instance, being patient and not rushing into big bets is a big part of the whole learning process. Steer clear of attention-grabbing offers and keep practising control with your bets, and you’ll be just fine.

The industry is a big jungle where navigation is a challenge, especially if you are a novice. Shady and rogue websites prey on beginners in hopes of scamming them out of their money, so try to stick to venues which Casino Chick rated.

Play games, enjoy your fun, but most importantly, stay safe. If you feel like gaming is not as fun as it used to be, it’s time to think about taking a break. And don’t worry – we will be there to assist with anything you may need. Don’t hesitate to reach out whenever you want. These ladies got your back!

Do’s and Don’ts for Playing at Casinos


  • Decide on personal betting limits before playing
  • Get acquainted with the game that you chose to play
  • Explore different providers and game titles by reading reviews
  • Play games for free before investing real money
  • Explore game strategies to improve your proficiency
  • Use the casino bonuses on offer
  • Explore the lobbies often, especially if you don’t have a favourite game type


  • Don't play at unverified online casinos
  • Dn't claim bonuses before checking the terms and conditions
  • Don’t start playing games for real money without reading reviews
  • Don’t keep playing even when you are losing a lot
  • Don’t play games without a solid strategy or game plan
  • Don’t place big bets right off the bat
  • Don’t register before checking if a casino accepts players from your country


Call us biased, but we aim to keep you safe before we ever get you entertained.

The truth is that you can have fun in almost any site which you pick, but who can guarantee you are 100% safe all the time?

Good gaming experience in significant part depends on the protection that the venue provides to its players. That’s why it is vital to pick a venue which promotes responsible play and transparency in doing business. If you are unsure how to guess whether a venue is to be trusted, have a look at our list of hot tips for staying alive at online casino sites for female players.

  • The license is one of the critical factors which guarantees safety. Check whether the site owns one (or more).
  • Explore the website. Dive deep and try to learn as many details as you can via site reviews. 
  • Testing organizations and labs provide certificates for fair games. If the site owns them, it’s good to go. 
  • Never register at a website before checking T&C. Please read them carefully so you could know what you are signing up for. 

In terms of protection in this industry, Casino Chick is your safest bet.

The chicks in our team will work tirelessly to deliver fresh material, up-to-date news, and unbiased reviews of sites for you to enjoy. If you have any doubts about your chosen online site or are looking for a new venue to settle in, drop by our casino review page for more info about the best online casino websites for women on the market.