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Bingo Roulette Review

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Bingo Roulette is an 888Ladies bingo launched in 2019. The RTP of this game depends on the number of players and tickets per round. The maximum payout is a progressive jackpot. The game is available on both mobile and desktop.



Bingo Roulette is a type of online bingo available on the 888Ladies casino. It’s an in-house developed game, which means this particular version is only available at the 888Ladies online casino. That said, Bingo Roullete is a more-or-less common type of online bingo. It’s essentially a variant of the classic 52-5 bingo game with a Vegas-like twist.

You’ll love this game if you’re looking for a little break from more common types of bingo. The rules are simple and familiar, and the potential for fun is amazing!

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Roullete Bingo is played almost identically to regular 52-5 bingo. In other words, just pick a room in the 888Ladies casino. Your choice of room is crucial, mind you. It determines everything from bet size to the prizes. As such, even the Bingo Roulette RTP rate is determined by your choice. Also, keep in mind that the number of players and how many tickets were sold also affects RTP.

When you enter the room, select the number of cards you would like to purchase. Each of these contains a sequence of 5 numbers out of 52 possibilities. Unlike 52-2 bingo, though, the Bingo Roulette game is comprised of roulette numbers. Each card is a strip of 5 numbers from a typical roulette table.

There is only one way to win Bingo Roulette by 888Ladies – be the first to have a ticket with 5 selected numbers. The caller, however, is replaced by a spinning roulette wheel!

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Casino Chick Best tips for Bingo Roulette

  • Try to avoid empty rooms. Bingo loses out on RTP when fewer players are participating.
  • Up to 96 tickets can be purchased for each Bingo Roulette game.


Bingo Roulette is a fairly straightforward game with little nuance. One thing that we would like to point out is that 888Ladies allows you to play Bingo Roulette for free. There are even prizes, though these are severely limited. Sometimes, though, the casino may give out consolation prizes, vouchers, or freebies in the form of loyalty points.

Don’t expect these opportunities too often, though. Your best bet remains to try and play Bingo Roulette for real money. The deposits start at €0.05 per ticket but rarely go over €0.50.

You can also keep track of which numbers have been called on the table to your left. At the end of the day, though, the only real difference is how the game looks. 888Ladies bingo titles like Flash 5 and 52-5 Candy have the same basic ruleset.


Bingo Roulette pays out based on the number of total players, the price of the tickets, and the number of winners. Essentially, the initial deposit of all tickets by all the players is pooled into a single jackpot prize. Once someone hits a Full House on a ticket, they win. There can, of course, be multiple winners of a single game. In such cases, the prize is evenly divided among the winners.

The more tickets you purchase in a game room, the bigger your chance of winning. However, it always remains relative to the number of players. For instance, being in a room with a few hundred players means that your chances of winning are slim no matter how many tickets you purchase. Of course, it also means that the prizes can be incredible.

what we like

  • Fun and engaging theme for a bingo game.
  • Handy interface that allows most of the game to run automatically.
  • Quick and easy access to dozens of 888Ladies Bingo Roulette rooms.

what we don’t like

  • Fewer rooms than other bingo types.
  • Almost identical to Flash 5 Bingo and similar games.


Look, bingo has never been a game for those that like to sit around and crunch numbers all day. The RTP here is rarely calculable, and the theme of the game is its main appeal. Bingo Roulette is an easy, quick way to jump in and try your luck at online gambling.

Just like all other 888Ladies games, it’s available on tablets and mobile devices. Also, the free rooms don’t cost a thing, so there’s no reason not to try them out. As far as buy-in rooms go, there’s no real easier way to turn 5 cents into a few thousand dollars!

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Casinos That Offer Real Money Version of Bingo Roulette

888 Ladies Casino
888 Ladies Casino
  • Reputable licences
  • A mass of Bingo games and slots
  • Instant play, download and mobile-friendly
  • No deposit welcome bonus available
New customers only. 18+. T&Cs apply.
Target Markets:
Europe, Germany, International, Sweden, United Kingdom
Cashout Time:
3-5 days
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