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Casino Chick values your privacy and will implement all measures to protect it. Safety and security of our visitors are of paramount importance and Casino Chick will make sure both are maintained for the entirety of your time at this website. Before we start our online casino journey together – hand in hand at all times – make sure to read the Privacy Policy.

Personal Information

This Privacy Policy is intended to outline that Casino Chick takes the privacy of information provided by its visitors extremely seriously. Casino Chick is an honest girl who will walk you through the exciting world of online gambling by holding your hand so you can rest assured that no actions will be done without your approval or to your harm. During our time together, Casino Chick will collect data about you but it does not go any more personal than your email address which will allow us to stay in constant touch.

General data collected by Casino Chick is either provided by visitors – such as email address when you join our email newsletter, contact us directly or comment on any section of our website – or collected automatically – IP address, date & time and frequency of your visits. The aforementioned information is considered not personal as it does not reveal the identity of a person behind them but it is your right to know how and why such data will be collected by Casino Chick.

Email address will allow us to remain in touch with our valued visitors and readers. It will be the main form of communication between the Chick and her online casino friends, who are encouraged to send us suggestions, leave comments and always get in touch if they require clarification about any subject whatsoever.

As for the IP Address – an Internet Protocol Address which computers deploy in communication with one another through the Internet – it gives us information about the country of your residence, information about your Internet provider, your language preferences. Through an IP address and cookies – more on these below – we’ll be able to monitor date, time and frequency of your visits but also the pages you like most at our website, which ultimately gives us a clear indication as to what needs to be improved on Casino Chick. The website also utilizes Google Analytics which is a free Internet analytics service that keeps track of Casino Chick’s traffic and creates reports to webmasters. The Google Analytics Privacy Policy can be read here.

Apart from general information details listed above, Casino Chick will never ask its visitors to provide personal or financial details.

Stating Your Rights

It is Casino Chick’s intention to be on great terms with her visitors and readers so she wants to make sure that all of your rights regarding the data and information shared are respected. Before we go any further it is only natural that you understand what those rights are.

  • You have the right to request a copy of the information and data Casino Chick holds about you at all times.
  • You have the right to block Casino Chick from using your data or set the limitations in which data can be used.
  • It is your right to amend all data and information you deem inaccurate.
  • It is also your right to object to Casino Chick using your information.
  • You have the right to ask you your information to be removed or deleted from our system.

Safeguarding Your Information

Under no circumstances will Casino Chick share information about visitors of our website with any third parties. Furthermore, personal data shared with Casino Chick will not leave the boundaries of the website and will never be sold, rented or misused in any other way. The information provided will be used to provide the best possible experience for the visitors and users of as it will allow us to make improvements to both content and site’s features.

To further make you feel safer while browsing through our website, Casino Chick will deploy different technical and organizational measures in order to keep your delicate data secured. The information provided by our users and visitors is stored on secure servers and cannot be accessed by any person other than the website admin.

Should you suspect that the information and data provided to Casino Chick have in any way been used without authorization, please make sure to give us a shout through our Contact Page.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a text file automatically downloaded to your computer when a new webpage is accessed. It is completely safe and will do no harm to your system. These files have a particular use in serving you better content and understanding your preferences.

Even though cookies paint a more detailed picture on what it is that you like on a website, they do not provide us with any information whatsoever about who you are. Cookies help us retrieve data that is statistical in nature and relies only on behavioural patterns – telling us how much time you spend on the website, which pages you like spending the most time on and which banner ads get most clicks. In general, cookies help estimate web traffic and enable further customisation of our content. Cookies used by Casino Chick are in accordance with current laws and regulations. Cookies are accepted by most Internet browser by default but visitors can choose to enable and disable cookies in their Internet browser.

Data Retention at Casino Chick

Information provided is stored on our server indefinitely. It is, however, kept only for the period necessary for Casino Chick to fulfil purposes highlighted above in this Privacy Policy. Data will be deleted or removed at a personal request of the visitor. Information provided through comments and their metadata are also retained to an unspecified period of time for the purpose of recognising and approving future comments automatically.

Material from Other Websites

Casino Chick provides links to other websites in its articles. The content found on Casino Chick can contain embedded videos, images, and other material from other websites which will behave in an exactly the same manner as if Casino Chick visitor was on the other website in question. This Privacy Policy does not extend to content from other websites and you are warmly advised to have a look at the privacy policy on those websites before using them.

Privacy Policy Changes & Updates

Casino Chick can decide to change and/or update provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time. We are not obliged to notify our users about any changes but we take a friendly approach towards it and would advise our visitors to revisit the Privacy Policy on regular basis in order to remain updated with any possible changes.

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