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How to Withdraw Money at Online Casinos for Women?

Round Head IconUpdated October 5, 2022 - CasinoChick

You came, you played, and you won – what now?

As promised, I am now informing you on the matter of receiving your winnings after an enjoyable session of online gambling. If you have learnt about how to deposit money at online casinos for women, withdrawing will be a piece of cake.

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Withdrawing in a Few Clicks

Withdrawals are a smooth and easy process in the world of online gambling, if done right. The best online casinos will make sure that you do not wait long to pocket your money and will offer no fees on withdrawals. This last one is not key; sometimes to have the best, you must turn a blind eye to some of its segments. What I can tell you is that there are some really fantastic and reliable online casinos that will have additional charges on withdrawals nevertheless. Mr Green and Leo Vegas Casino are two such instances.

Withdrawing should be frictionless, and that can be done with the help of smooth banking. Nowadays most banks and payment companies focus on following the speed at which iGaming is developing, and offer their clients the most appropriate options. Security is another vital point, and every advanced and forward-thinking firm takes care of enhancing safety levels to sky limits. Lastly, withdrawal limits might play an important role for some players, especially if they belong to the high stakes profile. Low withdrawal limits will be a drawback in such cases, whereas the upper limit range going anywhere between couples of thousands up to 6-digit numbers will be just the thing.

Keep reading to see what to be on the lookout for.

Withdrawal Dictionary

Yes, there is such a thing as withdrawing vocabulary. Every branch of business has its own terminology, and so does withdrawing. And why wouldn’t it? It’s one of the most loved parts of the gambling experience online, plus you will sound cool knowing all of those fancy phrases.

Reverse Withdrawal

Reverse withdrawal, otherwise known as reverse pending, is a feature that allows you to risk it all upon changing your mind. This potentially hazardous practice is a high stake investment, and should be handled with care. Make sure you have enough self discipline and self-restraint if you consider utilising this service.

What it does is let you have a change of heart in the nick of time and basically abort the withdrawal request. For instance, imagine winning a large sum that you have been working very hard on. So you go to the Cashier and submit a withdrawal request. You know the procedure can be bothersome at times, and you cannot wait to see your money. In the 3-5 business days (which is how long it usually takes for the money to rest on your card/bank account), you might get fidgety and start questioning if the sum could be even bigger. The little ill-meaning fiend on your shoulder will whisper to your ear to cancel your request. If you listen to it, you will be making a reverse withdrawal request. As I said, I know it is tempting, but take the whole situation into consideration before making such a huge step.

Manual Flushing

If a reverse withdrawal is a devil, then manual flushing is your guardian angel. Committing to manual flushing ensures that your withdrawal request is fixed in place, to put it simply. This option puts the amount you requested for a withdrawal away from the holding area so that you cannot access it before the request you have made is complete. In other words, manual flushing does the self-control thing for you, instead of you.

Venues like LadyLucks offer manual flushing, which attracts a considerate quantity of gamblers to remain in her quarters.

Personalised Limits

These are pretty much what they say they are. In almost every casino’s Cashier section you will find the option of personalising the higher bar of your withdrawal amount. You can do this at any point in your online gambling journey. Head to your profile and find the self-titled section. Decide on how much you can yield so that you never have your hobby out of hand. Do not allow yourself to deposit more than you can afford. It is as simple as that. This option is highly recommendable by all eminent online gambling brands.

Banking Methods for Withdrawals

In our guide to depositing methods, I have covered traditional methods to a t. What I mean by this includes bank transfers, cheques, credit/debit cards and even e-wallets (Neteller, Skrill, PayPal). Now a new generation of electronic money wallets is presented on our market and I will be focusing on those. On top of all the conventional methods I have discussed so far, the time has come for the revolutionaries of online banking and money transfers.

Although PayPal is likely one of the most widespread electronic payment option, a whole bunch of other new methods such as Zimpler, MuchBetter, and Poli challenge it on many grounds:

  • Cheaper fees
  • Faster transactions
  • Enhanced security

Whilst reliability is undisputable for every method that we at Casino Chick recommend, these other factors are what make these new options shine.


To make banking at online casinos as short and effortless as possible, advanced bankers have invented the so-called BankID. In plain English, BankID is your digital signature that considerably shortens the financial transaction period. Once you have created your e-wallet, go on to set up your virtual signature, which you will be using when making transactions with your chosen e-wallet.


One of those could be Trustly‘s customised iGaming-oriented Pay ‘N’ Play wallet. This option requires no contact whatsoever and reduces the waiting time to a matter of minutes. Considering that the wallet was made with online gaming in mind, perhaps it is the best option on the market right now. If you opt for Pay ‘N’ Play, you will need to enter your BankID when inserting your banking info while logging in for the first time, and it will automatically be linked to your casino account.


Zimpler is another top competitor. In the fast-moving world that the planet has become, not many people have time and luxury to sit before the screens in the comfort of their homes, and will be forced to play on the go, on a plane, on a business trip, or elsewhere. Maybe even on a beach, who knows? Although I don’t feel as bad for those of you gals chilling by the seaside. Anyways, options like Zimpler are optimised to be fully mobile-oriented and allow for spotless performance on your mobile phone or tablet. Leading casinos like LeoVegas Casino and Mr Green casino cater to such methods.

What to Do When Things Go Wrong?

I know I said withdrawals were simple, and they really are, I promise. But with just about any other thing in the world, something can get in the way of your simple pleasure. Every now and then a player might ask themselves, “Why can’t I withdraw?” The answer is usually simple, and will be found under the following sections.

Security Checks

In every online gaming location’s T&Cs you will spot info on how much you can withdraw before you are asked to verify your identity again. As you know, upon registration you are requested to provide details such as your name, address, e-mail and so on, alongside a personal document (ID card, passport or driver’s licence). Specifically, when a bulkier amount of money is being withdrawn, by default the player is asked to submit this document or to partake in a Skype call in certain cases. Again, the means of security checks solely depends on the casino’s T&Cs.

In other words, in order to have your winnings paid out, you will have to prove it is really you who is requesting the withdrawal.

Wagering Requirements

You clicked on ‘Withdraw’ but the request is not going through. The casino is signaling that certain prerequisites are not fulfilled. One of the reasons why could be the wagering requirements that you have not met. Perhaps you used a welcome bonus that had specific wagering requirements that you failed to meet. Go back and check in your profile, follow the rules and then you will be able to withdraw.

Withdrawal Limits

Every notable online casino is very careful with their advocacy of responsible gambling. You see those 18+ and GambleAware signs, which are quintessential when checking the trustworthiness of the casino. What these stamps stand for is care for the clients. Some players struggle with reckless money spending, or cannot fully afford their hobby, so these casinos will let them set up a boundary for their withdrawals.

In case you have set up a limit of, let’s say, €2,000, and continued playing to win €5,000, guess what? You will not be able to make a request for a €5,000 withdrawal. After you have submitted your limiting request, the casino will at no cost let you withdraw more.

FAQ: Withdrawing at an Online Casino

Yes and no. The answer to this question is simple when looking at one casino. However, the response cannot be applied to absolutely every online gaming venue. A vast majority of reputable casinos will not charge you for your withdrawals, but your bank might get its hands meddled into the matter and add an extra expense there. To avoid inconvenience, consult the customer support team and/or your bank to check before you found yourself in a fait accompli.

Pending times vary grandly, especially if you are comparing dozens of online casinos. In our casino reviews here on Casino Chick, I always make sure to indicate how long players need to wait until their money is paid out. As a general rule of thumb, e-wallets will be the fastest to go through, followed by vouchers and cards. The lot can take around three to five working days to fully process your request and deliver you your money. Leading online casinos like Queen Vegas and Mr Green offer a head-spinning pending timeframe of just 2 hours for electronic money wallets! On the other hand, if you are not in a hurry, you will likely not mind the weeks of waiting that bank wire transfers and cheques might induce.

Every online gambling operator has its own proprietary Terms & Conditions and hence the limiting amounts. These are divided into daily, weekly and monthly withdrawal amounts, and can range from €1,000 up to thousands of Euros in monthly payouts. High roller casinos, as you might expect, go for higher limits, whilst those that welcome casual gamblers will let you withdraw less. To each his own.

As mentioned in the manual above, there is a concept of limiting oneself when it comes to withdrawing. Namely, you can adjust restrictions on your account before you start gambling so as to stop yourself from withdrawing more than you can afford. Remember fun comes first, so be responsible and disciplined. This feature allows you to be liable for your own actions. Head to your account settings, find the 'Withdrawal' section, typically found under the 'Cashier', and modify the amount according to your wishes.

For other instruction manuals, consult the following links:

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