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French Roulette: A Complete Guide to French Roulette Tables

Round Head IconMay 23, 2024 - CasinoChick

Roulette comes in many shapes, with European Roulette being now widely considered the ‘standard’ roulette variant. But what’s French Roulette? How does it compare to its European counterpart? And most importantly, is it a better choice for you?

Stick with us and find out. Our comprehensive guide below introduces players to the concept of French Roulette betting by listing the key elements and special rules that are used at these tables. Enjoy.

What Is French Roulette?

French Roulette is a variant of roulette that uses two special rules that separate it from European and American Roulette. Both rules are far more player-friendly, which is why this variant is considered the best one for the punters.

If you take away the rules – the En Prison and La Partage rules – French Roulette is nearly identical to European Roulette.

In other words, it’s a single-zero roulette table with 37 betting pockets, two special rules, and a 1.35% house advantage.

Some tables also use a slightly different layout, so it should not be that hard to locate and differentiate it from its EU cousin. You do not need any advanced roulette strategies to play the variant – the standard ones will suffice.

French Roulette VS European Roulette

French VS European Roulette

When we talk about French and European roulette tables, we are essentially talking about layouts and special rules. Other than that, gameplay remains the same, as do most of the payouts.

If we want to make it obvious, we will start with the first and biggest difference – French roulette table layout is in French. Everything is in French, as the game is suited for French-speaking audiences.


Furthermore, the layout is notably different. The differences are not that stark, nor do they affect gameplay much, but they do take some time to get used to.

However, the main thing that makes a difference between the two is the use of two special rules, En Prison and La Partage, in the French variant. As both rules are made to help players protect their assets and ensure they lose less, the game’s house advantage is lower. French Roulette has a house advantage of 1.35%, while European tables have a 2.70% edge.

French Roulette Bets

Let’s talk about bets used in French Roulette games. For the most part, it’s a very common set of betting options. Of course, with each bet, the goal is to predict the number/colour on which the ball lands.

Here is a table with all main bets in French roulette. We also listed payouts alongside probability for each betting option.

Bet Payout Probability
Straight 35:1 2.70%
Split 17:1 5.41%
Street 11:1 8.11%
Trio 11:1 8.11%
Four Number 8:1 10.81%
Corner 8:1 10.81%
Six Line 5:1 16.2%
Column 2:1 32.4%
Dozen (P12, M12, D12) 2:1 32.4%
Rouge/Noir (Red/Black) 1:1 48.64%
  Impair/Pair (Odd/Even) 1:1 48.64%
Manque/Passe (Low/High) 1:1 48.64%

Please note that the variant is French, and all betting options are written in French. However, essentially, the wagers are as in the European variant. Hence, if you are familiar with it, you will have no problem with getting around this table.

Another note is the P12, M12, and D12 stand for Premier Douzaine (1-12), Moyenne Douzaine (13-24), and Dernière Douzaine (25-36), respectively.

Special Rules in French Roulette Betting

Special roulette rules

Now we are getting to the core of why this variant is superior to the other two. Namely, French Roulette employs two special rules for gameplay. These two rules typically go together, and they jointly lower the house edge to a mere 1.35%. This might still sound like not a lot, as there are indeed games with lower edges. However, when it comes to roulette, it doesn’t get better than that.


So what are the La Partage and En Prison special rules? We explain in detail below.

La Partage

The definition of La Partage is ‘sharing’. It’s actually the French word for ‘sharing’, too. Now, what La Partage rule does is allow players to receive half of what they’ve wagered if the ball lands on zero. It sounds simple, and it is – all players at the table participating in the round get half – 50% – of what they’ve wagered on the game if the ball lands on a zero.

But there’s a caveat. This only applies to even-money bets, or Rouge/Noir, Impair/Pair, and Manque/Passe bets. These have a 1:1 payout and the highest chance of happening, which means you are more inclined to wager on them if you are only now getting into roulette. Even veterans like to play it safe and wager on such bets, so it’s not infrequent to see players betting on even-money bets.

En Prison

As La Partage is al about sharing, En Prison is all about second chances. It works if the ball lands on a zero, just like with La Partage. However, En Prison does not give you anything back, but it does give you a chance to wager again. In other words, you get to repeat your wagers without losing funds, or more precisely, re-bet without investing money the second time. If you are familiar with online slots, you would compare this to a respin.

Again, like the previous special rule, En Prison only applies to even-money wagers. Individually, both of these rules help you boost winnings. However, together they make you almost invincible as they slash down the house edge from 2.70% to 1.35%.

French Roulette in Online Casinos

French Roulette in online casinos

French Roulette is super fun, easy to understand, and tailored to fit the players, not the house. So, what’s the catch? What’s the disadvantage?

Well, the main one we see is the lack of French Roulette tables. Simply, you are not very likely to find an abundance of French Roulette tables at your online casino. Especially if you are into niche casinos with small table game offerings.


However, that is not to say that there are no French Roulette tables at online casinos. Quite the contrary – some of the biggest casinos tend to offer at least two or three French tables. The catch is to find a reputable online casino where you can play in peace and never worry about losing precious funds if you are banking on even-money bets.

Cool casinos with top-tier roulette tables catering to female players are Pin-up Casino, Mr.Green Casino, and LeoVegas.

Be sure to check them out or find other casinos with a delicious roulette table selection – and ensure they are rife with online and live roulette tables alike.


That’s it, ladies – our comprehensive French Roulette guide that will introduce you to the world’s best roulette variant. French Roulette is, as you can see, a very player-oriented version of the ball game. It’s tailored to fit the needs of the punters, not the casino, as evidenced by the edge and game rules.

If you want to start playing roulette online for real money, French Roulette is your safest bet. Check out other player-friendly games in our database and guides above!

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