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Telegram Casinos for Women: How to Join a TG Casino?

Round Head IconApril 19, 2024 - CasinoChick

Telegram and casinos might not be something you’d ever expect to find in the same sentence, especially not together, combined. However, the reality is that Telegram casinos are not only placed together into a sentence, but they’re actually becoming a well-known term across the industry.

While veterans chase after download casinos and bother with classic table games, take this opportunity to walk into the industry of the future and see for yourself what modern gambling on the internet (might) look like.

What Are Telegram Casinos?

First things first: what is Telegram?

For all those living under a rock, Telegram is a growing messaging app lauded for its security and privacy. Telegram chats are virtually impossible to break in, while everything that goes across its servers is better protected than most state secrets. Simply put, it’s among the best ways to communicate across the web if you don’t want anyone else in your business.

Apparently, it’s also great if you want to gamble online.

A flood of online casinos are starting to develop their Telegram chatbots that communicate with players and allow them to play games, deposit and withdraw money, and claim bonuses via their TG chats. And some of the sites are even licenced to work, so it’s all safe and easy for you.

So, to sum it all up: Telegram casinos are online casinos that are accessible via the messaging app Telegram.

Now that we’ve covered what Telegram casinos are, let’s talk more about the ways you can access them, their types, and typical offers found at casinos on Telegram.

How Telegram Casinos Work

Telegram is a very easy app to master. All you need is your phone number and that’s it.

Naturally, before you start playing at TG casinos, you should have a Telegram profile/account. To get this, simply download Telegram on your smartphone, open it and enter your phone number. Confirm your phone number, add a photo/name you wish, and that’s it.

You will see your entire list of contacts that are on Telegram, and if you want, you can chat with them – or go directly to the search option,

Now, there are two ways in which Telegram casinos work.

First, we have the chatbot. This is the easiest way to play gambling games on TG. A couple of online casinos work like this. You open a chat with them, start the convo by typing in /start and the chatbot will start the conversation. You can follow the bot’s prompts to play games, get bonuses, deposit and withdraw money.

The other type is the pop-up option. These are casinos you find in the same way as the bots, except the chat with the casino will give you a chance to open the casino. It opens as a pop-up option right there within the app, so you don’t actually have to leave Telegram. This is far more realistic than the first option, as these casinos look like any other mobile casino. Within the casino, you can go to the wallet and deposit/cashout, claim deals, and play gambling games.

If you want to find any type of online casino, go to the home page of the app, type in the global search what you want to find (we suggest starting with a ‘casino’ keyword, that does the trick) and that’s it. The list of casinos will immediately appear, and you just need to pick what you want from the list and that’s it.

How to Join a TG Casino

How to join a TG casino

There’s nothing easier than joining a Telegram online casino. As we already explained above, the path from the app download to actual gambling gameplay takes a handful of minutes. It starts by first locating the casino, then starting the chat.

The beauty of online gambling on Telegram is that you do not need to register. Instead, your Telegram name and number are proof of your identity, meaning you can play any game you want, both in free and real money mode, without worrying about your personal data and financial info.

In other words, the registration process is non-existent as you are automatically creating an account when you start the chat with the casino as you are already a user at Telegram.

Telegram Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

Telegram deposits and withdrawals

A very important aspect of gambling via Telegram is the deposit and cashout. Both are very important transactions, and for you crucial – as you need money to come and go from your account to your bank/account.

The first thing we must note when it comes to TG gambling is the use of cryptocurrency.

All gambling sites on Telegram we frequented were crypto sites. Thus, we cannot claim that there are only crypto casinos, but the ones that we saw certainly were cryptocurrency-only.

If you are not a fan or dislike using crypto payments, you might not enjoy Telegram gambling all that much.

How to Deposit

The deposit process is quite easy. It does not matter what kind of Telegram casino you are frequenting. You only need a cryptocurrency wallet loaded with cash and that’s it.

Before you head to a gambling bot, make sure you’ve loaded enough funds to your wallet. If you have not, don’t worry, the casino will allow you to buy crypto too.

Now, when you load the site, head directly to the wallet section and pick a currency. You may choose from several popular crypto ones like BTC, ETH, ADA, and others. Once you have a currency, enter the sum you wish to transfer, enter your wallet address, and confirm the transaction. The money should appear in your balance within minutes.

How to Withdraw

The withdrawal process is similar to deposits. Players head to the wallet and then pick Withdraw instead of Deposit. Once there, there should be a link you should copy, as well as a QR code you can scan to speed up the process. Either way, you must choose a currency you want to use and enter the sum you want to transfer from your casino account to the wallet.

Please bear in mind that some casinos offer bonuses too. If you are lucky enough to have claimed one

Telegram Casino Games

Telegram casino games

What kind of games exist at Telegram casinos? The answer is: all of them.

Simply put, you can play slots, table games like roulette, blackjack, and poker, as well as bingo and lottery games. there are also crypto games such as crash gambling games, too.

Bots are simple: they give you a chance to play a game, and you play directly within the chat. However, if you are playing at a pop-up casino, you can play any game from the lobby. Many of those games in the lobby are standard games you can visit in regular casino sites. There are slots, roulette, blackjack, bingo, and other game categories. And the best thing of all? They are legit and 100% provably fair, as those casinos are licensed (Mega Dice, for example).

So, Is it Worth It?

Telegram casinos are not for everyone, that much is certain. Part of the reason is that not many people trust apps and platforms instead of playing at casinos directly. Another is the frequent mistrust of cryptocurrency gambling. However, one thing that stands out as a major benefit of gambling on Telegram is security.

Telegram is hailed as one of the safest messaging apps on the internet. And the fact that you can gamble there without having to worry about safety, identity and personal data disclosure is a major thing.

Another thing is that the casinos do not require any kind of data and information from you. You create an account by signing into your Telegram account and that’s it. Moreover, all payments are done over crypto wallets, and you enter only wallet locations. There is no need to give out any bank details or anything similar.

In the end, it’s all about your tastes and preferences. But if you want to try something new, Telegram casinos might be a great way to do just that.


What are TG casinos?

TG casinos are online casinos that you access via Telegram. The app allows players to search and start chats with casino bots that work similarly to regular online casinos.

Can I deposit real money?

Yes, you can. Deposits work using cryptocurrency wallets, where you can deposit and withdraw money using your crypto wallet. You can buy tokens directly from the casino app/chat.

Can I win real money?

Yes, you can play both for free and for real money. Whatever you win in real money mode, you can withdraw from the wallet. Just enter your wallet location and the sum you wish to transfer.

What games can I play?

Any game you can think of, actually. The classic bots allow you to play types of games spanning slots, or table games. However, casinos that pop-up as windows let you enter the lobby and browse titles – many of which you will recognize if you are a regular visitor of standard online casinos on browsers.

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