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Understanding Live Auto Roulette Games

Round Head IconOctober 18, 2023 - CasinoChick

Roulette is perhaps among the most played casino games on the internet. The world of online casinos is constantly evolving, so traditional casino games have taken a digital leap, so to speak. They now offer players unprecedented convenience and accessibility, something we could only dream about in the previous decades.

Among the best innovations to come out in recent years is the concept of ‘auto roulette’ which is just an easy way to describe live dealer roulette games that have no dealers. Machine-operated wheels, or automatic wheels, became known widely as auto roulette games, and we are here to introduce you to the world of automatic roulette spins.

Understanding the Nuances of Auto Roulette Games

Before we switch to a full-on analysis of the best auto roulette games out there, it would be great to first explain in detail what auto roulette actually means.

The name ‘auto roulette’ refers to automatic roulette wheel games. Automatic then refers to the engine that powers the roulette wheel, so instead of an actual human spinning the wheel at every turn, the process is done using machines.

Please note that this refers to live casino games, or more precisely, live roulette games played in real-time via live broadcasts.

What does this mean? Well, for starters, this means that there is no need to have a dealer. The host of the game becomes useless then, as since the wheel is automatic, the host is not needed to spin it. And so, these games have no host/dealer/croupier.

So, to answer your question, What is auto roulette?

It’s a live dealer game played without live dealers in real-time.

How Auto Roulette Games Work

One of the first questions that pop when someone says ‘automated roulette wheel’ concerns the game’s reliability. As gambling is often superstitious and scam-prone, many players feared that having an automatic wheel spin and stop on its own, the casinos and game producers could rig the game.

Let us start by saying that that is not possible. All auto roulette live games use RNG (random number generators) and advanced technology, game producers ensure each game is fair and 100% legit. So, there is no rigged games here, as game producers would lose their licences right away if they were discovered to have created such a game.

So, in short, random number generators ensure that every spin is genuinely random, replicating the unpredictability of n actual live casino environment. Like the one you’d visit if you were in Vegas, you know?

Auto roulette games work the same way as all other live roulette games.

Players willing to participate in the round can place their bets on standard betting positions and initiate the spin with just a few clicks. This makes the entire process quick and hassle-free. Algorithms – the science behind all this IT talk – govern the outcomes, guaranteeing fairness and transparency in every single game round.

A typical round of Auto Roulette is quite easy, meaning players just tune into the broadcast and wait their turn to place bets on the on-going round. The wheel will start spinning at the exactly specified time (after betting time ends) and then stop once the time is right.

Players receive their payouts according to the paytable – this is also automated – and then get ready for the next round. Thanks to this optimisation, a round is much shorter than usual, making Auto Roulette one of the fastest roulette variants out there.

Types of Auto Roulette Games

This one is easy.

You know how you have American and European Roulette variants? Well, they all exist in the auto roulette realm as well.

The first thing we should explain when talking about auto roulette is that the fact that there is no dealer does not affect gameplay in the slightest. Yes, the process is a bit shorter, but that’s about it.

That’s why the choice whether the dealer is there or not is not a big change, except the player gets a bit more sleek and elegant game, along with a faster session.

But we digress.

Auto roulette might appear both as a European or an American variant. As we already know, the European Roulette has only one zero, which is why the RTP is 97.30%, and the American has a double zero on the wheel. This makes European Roulette much more favourable for the players who enjoy playing roulette live.

Key Features

Here are some of the most recognizable traits of live auto roulette games:

  • There are no human dealers/hosts
  • Roulette wheels are automatic, so they move on their own
  • Streams are usually 4K
  • Payouts and rules are standard with no changes due to wheel automatic
  • Most Auto Roulette games are European Roulette variants

Pros and Cons of Auto Roulette

We explained what live auto roulette games are, we gave an example of how they work, but what about their use? Why are they so popular and why should you play auto roulette online?

For starters, the game round is much faster than usual. That means that you can play and enjoy standard roulette in a more fast-paced environment.

Next, there is no unnecessary chit-chat. If you are someone who prefers peace and quite while playing games, this might be a perfect thing for you. If, on the other hand, you enjoy a bit of a rumble while playing, you probably won’t like the fact that it’s so quiet.

Auto roulette games are not that widespread, and we’ve noticed a trend that every game producer tends to have no more than two auto roulette games in their arsenal. So, the lack of many auto roulette options clearly belongs in the ‘con’ pile for us.

In short, if you want to focus on the game and gameplay, you might enjoy auto roulette. However, if you are there fore the social aspect of it as well, then the absence of the dealer might not be something you thoroughly enjoy.

Best Live Auto Roulette Games

This guide would not be a proper guide if we did not offer a couple of game suggestions. Luckily for you, we’ve tried and tested several auto roulette tables out there, so we bring you our top 3 live auto roulette favourites.

Instant Roulette, Evolution

Slingshot Roulette might be the industry’s first auto roulette, but Instant Roulette is where we fell in love with this concept for good. It’s not exactly a newcomer-friendly game, as it might overwhelm you by the sheer number of wheels before you. Namely, the game has 12 roulette wheels in the same room, which is more than enough to make you dizzy when you see it.

And the best thing about this? They sp in all at the same time.

So, when you join the game, you can instantly jump into action by placing a bet and you will be transferred to the first available wheel. When we say first available, we mean the first wheel that is the closest to stopping, so your wait is the shortest.

As a result, your roulette round lasts less than 12 seconds, which in most books, makes it instantaneous.

So that is what Instant Roulette is all about. A constant stream of roulette wheel spins where the entire focus is on the action. The company even invested in some incredible cameras so the stream and broadcast is in 4K, focusing directly onto the wheels.


Slingshot Roulette, Evolution

The industry’s first-ever auto roulette. But of course, it was built by Evolution, who else? Evolution is known as the envelope-pusher around these circles, so the fact that this company was the one to bring out Slingshot Roulette surprises no one.

And what’s the story of Slingshot Roulette? For starters, it’s an auto roulette table with a very special wheel. Cammegh, an almost-legendary British family-owned business that’s been active for a very long time made the wheel. Cammegh is known for their incredible expertise and precision in making world-class roulette wheels, so the fact that Evolution enlisted their help in bringing the first-ever auto roulette to life is incredible.

Compared to other live auto roulette games, Slingshot does not offer anything outside of the box. If you happen to think that Evolution has other, better live auto roulette games, you won’t be wrong but please keep in mind that this is the first live auto roulette ever, so it’s bound to be imperfect.

Slingshot Roulette is available at most Evolution online casinos, and you can play it for $1 per round. The rules are the same as in European roulette.


Auto-Roulette, Pragmatic Play

Another one of the classics. Auto-Roulette by Pragmatic Play is as classic as it can possibly get, and if you are only just exploring the genre, this is probably the best place to start.

Pragmatic Play is famous for a super simple and elegant approach to its games. They are all built with players in mind, which is why we often recommend them for novices and inexperienced players. Players who enjoy live dealer games but want to play a simpler version of auto roulette will love Pragmatic Play’s rendition of the automated roulette table.

The game came out in 2020, which was the year of many changes and restrictions. Naturally, it became popular, and the company soon went off to release 2 more auto roulette games. they’re called Speed Auto Roulette – something similar to Speed Roulette but without dealers – and Auto Mega Roulette. The last one plays on the popular Mega Roulette release that’s a famous series for the company.

But Auto-Roulette is back to basics, and it’s the best game to start with. Table limits start from $0.10 and go up to $5,000 per round. Three special side bets come within: Final en Plain, Finales a Cheval, and Full Complete.


Tips and Strategies for Playing Auto Roulette

As auto roulette games do not affect gameplay that much – there’s no dealer but the wheel still spins – there is not need to generate special roulette strategies. Instead, you can rely on your preferred roulette tips and systems for winning.

In general, novices tend to avoid auto roulette as they go for standard tables to build proficiency. Veterans enjoy this type of content more, and most veterans already have chosen roulette strategies in place for live dealer gambling.

However, it can never hurt to be cautious, which is why we advise all players to create a budget and stick to it, never stray from the chosen betting limits, and to never chase losses.

Stay safe out there, players!


Thank you for your time, folks! We hope you liked our article and found it at least a bit useful. If you enjoy auto roulette games and consider yourself ready to start playing the game out there in the real world, don’t hesitate to explore our game database and read our game reviews.

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