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“Simplicity and Big Wins” – Lucksome’s Bryan Upton Introduces Big Hits Blazinator Slot

Round Head IconJanuary 10, 2024 - CasinoChick

Months have passed since our last chat with Lucksome, and we are happy to report many cool things have happened over at Lucksome headquarters. A key thing is the brand-new release titled Big Hits Blazinator – a game you can learn more about directly from Lucksome’s Founder Bryan Upton.

Check out what Bryan had to share with us about the new release.

  • Hello Bryan, welcome back to CasinoChick! The last time we had the pleasure of chatting was back in May, when we talked to Johan John about the Bon Bomb™ Bonanza Hyperboom™ slot. Can you bring us up to speed: what’s new with Lucksome?

Hello again! Well, it’s fair to say this year was when Lucksome really hit its stride.  We released some great games for our customers, added some great internal talent to our studio and matured a lot of our thinking around games design.

  • You’ve recently had a very successful release titled Napoleon 2 FatStacks™. How satisfied are you with the audience’s reaction to the new release?

It was great! We saw a lot of players trying the game and we saw a lot of coverage from streamers all over the world. Was exhilarating to witness!

  • You have another interesting game release lined up titled Big Hits Blazinator. Tell us more about the fiery slot.

Blazinator is all about the Big Bonus feature and we felt it was a great player experience if players could experience it often in a gaming session.  You have as many Free Games as it takes to hit that Big Hit Level and then the bonus ends… or does it!?  If you’re lucky enough to land Blue Fireballs, then you get more Big Hits allowing the bonus’s potential to increase significantly.  Red Fireballs in the Bonus will also increase the big hit level, giving this game a thrilling experience of “what next”? Then there’s Lucksome Locks and Wheel Gambles: as you know, Lucksome likes to offer players optionality in their games experience.  Big Hits Blazinator offers three ways into the Bonus.  Lucksome Locks – on a two Scatter Near Miss – will be activated.  Players have a chance to wager 5x their selected base bet to spin in more scatters to trigger the bonus.  The Gamble is available only when enabled and with a win of 5x bet or more.  Players have a choice or gambling their winnings for cash or for a number of Big Hits which – if successful – the player can enter the Bonus with.

  • So Big Hits Blazinator is a classic-themed slot, but with modern features – there are Free Spins, Scatters, Lucksome Locks, and even the Gamble feature. How did you come to the idea to create a classic slot and infuse it with modern add-ons?

There’s a huge group of players out there that don’t want a lot of complexity to the games they play. Big Hits Blazinator is just that – a simple base game with a Scatter trigger and some beautifully designed symbols and a thrilling bonus.  The Bonus is simple but exhilarating, with as many spins as it takes until you get a Big Hit.  A Big Hit is set to whatever the bonus started at, so you never know how many spins it will take; you can rack up lots of wins on the way.

  • What’s your favourite thing about the game? And what part do you think will be the main appeal for the players when the game comes out?

BHB is all about simplicity and big wins.  The Base Game is purely about the Fireball scatters. Get two and you get Lucksome Locks.  Get three and you get the trigger picker. Get more than three and you have a higher chance of getting a bigger Bit Hit Level for the Big Bonus Free Games – THAT’S where it gets really interesting.

  • Over the years, we’ve seen a number of slot trends regarding themes and features, but the classic Vegas-style theme never goes out of style. What’s your favourite slot theme to work on?

We love all slots! There is, however, a definite resurgence of slots like Big Hits Blazinator because of the increase of very complex slots hitting the market. We see some player fatigue, and an increased need for a simple game that they can enjoy and understand easily.  Some of the newer generations of players coming into the industry often start with games like these to start understanding slots as a genre of gaming.  Fruits in general are just nice to look at, bright vibrant colours and organic shapes, there’s a reason that have been around for a long time and will continue to be I would imagine.

  • Since we are quickly approaching 2024, let’s do a wrap-up for 2023. What are your main highlights of the year?

We debuted some unique mechanics – Hyperlines, FatStacks and Hyperboom – and we released games in the US market to strong success (and of course there was Napoleon 2 FatStacks, which has done brilliantly for us!)

  • What are you looking forward to the most in 2024? New game releases, perhaps even new partnerships?

Miami Cash FatStacks goes network wide in January following its successful exclusive release earlier in the year.  We have a new Game called Mega Party Bucks that will have a player decision and skill element to it which is something new for us.  We will post a demo soon of this stay tuned!  We are working on something big, and we are also working on our first licensed branded title, which we are VERY excited about but hush hush for now!  As always if you want to know more about what we are up to please check us out on Instagram, YouTube,  or of course our website

  • Thank you so much for chatting with us, we look forward to our next interview in the new year! Is there anything you’d like to add before we sign off?

Lucksome is still on its journey to prove to the world that we make world-class slots.  The more games we make the more we are making our presence felt in the industry as serious games designers who are making games for players and not making games for ourselves.  The more of our games that are being played, the more our name and reputation is getting out there as a studio who makes games to look for on operator lobbies all over the world.

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