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ATMOSFERA Battleship Review

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Battleship is a live casino game launched in 2020 and by ATMOSFERA. This bingo-like live casino game boasts unique gameplay and 95.00% RTP. The Battleship maximum bet is €1,000, making it suitable for both casual players and high-rollers. This live table casino game is available for playing on both desktop & mobile.



As a young and relatively small live casino software provider, ATMOSFERA brings some fairly unique ideas to the table. Generally based on lotto-like ball drawing machines, these titles are unlike anything else on the market. Even among ATMOSFERA live casino games, however, Battleship is truly out there. It’s based on the pen-and-paper guessing game of the same name, combining casino excitement with your favorite childhood pastime.

This ATMOSFERA Battleship game review will take a look at how the whole thing works. It’s an interesting title. Previous casino experience won’t help much here, so make sure to read the rules carefully.

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Like the original Battleships, the goal of this game is to destroy so-called ships by guessing their location on a numbered grid. The faster you clear the board, the bigger your payout.

You start by purchasing cards like in an online bingo game. The various battleships are represented by groups of numbers. If the number is on a ship, it’s referred to as a “deck”. Each card comes with 6 ships split into 3 variants:

  • One battleship with 4 decks (a group of 4 numbers)
  • Two battleships with 3 decks (a group of 3 numbers)
  • Three battleships with 2 decks (a group of 2 numbers)

Every card contains a 9×10 grid, and each field has a number corresponding to a ball. The trick to how to play Battleship by ATMOSFERA is to “sink” the ships by drawing the balls corresponding to the ships’ decks. You can purchase different cards before each round, or even make your own by randomly shuffling the ships and/or numbers.

Once the 90-second betting time is over, the ball machine will draw 70 out of 90 numbers. If a drawn number is a deck of a ship, it counts as a hit. If all the decks on a ship are hit, it sinks. You’ll win if you manage to sink at least one Battleship.

The earlier you sink ships, the bigger the payout. You can find more info about how ATMOSFERA Battleship works in terms of payouts further down.

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Casino Chick Best tips for ATMOSFERA Battleship

  • Although the option to shuffle and re-shuffle cards is great, this is still completely a game of chance. No number has a bigger chance of appearing than any other number.
  • Think of this game as online bingo with a fun coat of paint. ATMOSFERA Battleship strategy mostly revolves around bankroll management.
  • Purchasing more tickets with a smaller stake is safer than the other way around, but less profitable in the short run.


ATMOSFERA Battleship is quite interesting on its own, so there’s not a lot of extra features to worry about. Most of them are there to help you manage your bets and keep track of cards.

First of all, there’s the option to re-purchase. If you took part in the previous round, you can simply buy the same cards as last time. The game will highlight the hits you made in the previous round, as well as your winnings.

Also, you can purchase up to 100 cards using the Group Purchase ATMOSFERA Battleship feature. Just select the value of each card and the number of desired cards, and click purchase. Note that Group Purchase does not allow you to shuffle numbers and ships. Group cards are strictly randomly generated ones.

The window to the right conveniently keeps track of all your cards, highlighting the ones with hits or sunk ships.


ATMOSFERA Battleship payouts can seem a bit daunting at first because of their unique structure. There’s a lot of variance and different possibilities, but there’s no real point in memorising all of them. Just remember this – the bigger the ship you sink, the bigger the reward. Sinking them early also adds multipliers to your winnings.

In terms of payouts, the game is divided into 4 stages.

  • The Jackpot stage lasts for the first 10 numbers. If you sink a 4-deck battleship this early, you win a 300x Jackpot.
  • The Battleships stage lasts for the first 45 numbers. In this stage, your stake is multiplied up to 24x if you hit any of the following combinations: 2+2, 2+3, 4+2, 2+2+3, 3+3, 4+3, 2+2+3. The numbers refer to the number of decks on a ship. For instance, 2+3 means you sunk one 2-deck ship and one 3-deck ship.
  • The Fleet stage lasts between numbers 16 and 70. You’ll win if you sink the whole 16-deck fleet. The earlier you do, the better the payout. For instance, if you do it before number 50 you in 300x. The multiplier drops off every 5 numbers after that, down to 4x for numbers 66-70.
  • The Bonus Fleet stage also lasts between 16 and 70. Essentially, this just means you’ll also win a payout if you miss a single deck (which means hitting 15/16). In this stage, it doesn’t matter which deck you miss. The payouts are strictly tied to when you make 15 hits, ranging from 40x to 1x.

what we like

  • Fun gameplay that keeps you glued to your screen for the duration
  • Making your own cards makes the game feel like pen-and-paper Battleships
  • Simple bingo-like rules that you can learn quickly
  • Excellent production value and stream quality

what we don’t like

  • Complex and occasionally misleading payout structure
  • The higher payouts are much harder to win than it seems


While picking up some of the nuances of this game can be difficult, we applaud ATMOSFERA for the creativity. They took a simple premise and spiced it up with some very original ideas. The ability to make your own cards is quite fun – though it may not directly impact your chances of winning. It just feels like you’re actively trying to “sink” the ships while most other online bingo games leave you as a silent observer.

That said, understanding how to win Battleship by ATMOSFERA is not the easiest task we’ve had. Dividing the structure into stages seems unnecessary – especially considering most of them overlap anyway.

Still, if you’re looking for a more interesting way to play live bingo online, we can recommend the Battleship game by ATMOSFERA. It’s a very fun addition to ATMOSFERA casinos.

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