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How Players Benefit from Social Casinos

Round Head IconUpdated January 19, 2023 - CasinoChick

Social casinos are free-play online casino substitutes played for free on social media platforms such as Facebook. The most popular example of social casino games is Farmville by Zynga.

In short, social casinos online do not offer real-money gambling but retain the element of fun found in virtual casinos. In many countries worldwide, players still prefer social casino apps for free and they don’t care much about cash.

Here, in this article, we inspect the social impact of casinos and what players can from social casinos online.

Social Impact of Casinos

Before we delve any deeper, we should observe the social effect gambling may have on communities.

Historically, gambling tends to be stereotyped as detrimental to families, relationships, and people’s finances. The truth is that almost anything can impair your life if left unattended. That said, some habits are harder to rein in, but it’s still possible. One potentially problematic and hazardous habit can be gambling.

However, gambling in social casinos online doesn’t have to be dangerous at all. Here are some tips that can help you gain control over your betting.

Firstly, the most important casino social media strategy is managing one’s bankroll. Setting boundaries in advance and sticking to the pre-set limits is pivotal in successful gambling online. Find the best money-saving tips for social casinos right here.

On the other hand, gambling has a strong economic influence. For example, launching land-based casinos and live casino studios opens multiple employment possibilities. /in that sense, live social casinos are directly responsible for hiring thousands of people globally.

Casinos are often associated with addictive behaviour but can be actually quite good for society. Another instance of the benefits of gambling lies in statistics. Economically depressed countries tend to gain enormously from real-money betting.

As the bottom line, gambling can be addictive, so it’s crucial to take precautionary measures. Bear in mind possible dangers and mind your bankroll wisely.

What Are Social Casino Games?

Social casino games are all games available at so-called “social casinos” which offer freeplay gaming. But what does that mean and what are some social casino game examples?

There is indeed a huge difference between social casino games and online casino games.

Online casino games such as slots and real-money roulette are paid and require real-money wagers. To benefit from online casino games, players must add real cash to their balances and only then can they place bets.

On the other hand, slots in social casinos are completely free of charge. Freeplay slots are extremely popular as they allow gamblers to practise slots without losing a single penny. Another perk of social casino slots is that they are fun for the sake of fun, rather than for profit.

The best casino social slots also involve an interactive element. Namely, most social casinos online feature a live chat facility so players can talk. And this doesn’t go only for slots in social casinos, but also other community games like Farmville.

Similarly, even players who enjoy social casino games try online casinos now and then. Why? Because even online casinos offer things for free. To exemplify, we have free spins and similar offers free of charge available for new players.

Demographics – Who Plays at Social Casinos?

Aiming to see which age groups enjoy social casinos, we’ve also taken a look at the statistics.

A 60% majority of social casino visitors are aged between 36 and 70. Exactly 73% of those users live in cities, while the remaining 27% reside in rural areas.

58% of all social casino gamers are females, who prefer iOS to Android devices. Interestingly, women who play at social casino sites are usually aged from 25 to 34 years. It might be worth noting that 63% of all social casino visitors are employed. Regarding marital status, two-thirds of social casino players are married.

✨ Nearly 30% of social casino players are women. ✨

women in social casinos stats

Seeing these numbers is not a surprise at all. Social casinos offer a friendly environment for everyone so there is no reason not to like them.

Another example of a social casino game is Coin Master. However, as this is a single-player game, not everyone would agree that this is a typical social casino game. Be that as it may, Coin Master has surpassed all the expectations. Nowadays, Coin Master is just as popular as regular online slots. In fact, Coin Master is the most downloaded social casino gaming app on a global level, according to Statista.

Play for Fun vs. Pay to Play

Looking at casino games, there are two main types – freeplay and pay-to-play.

The former, play for fun, are synonymous with social casino games. Their main characteristic is that they are free of charge. Freeplay games, such as slots, puzzles, and casual games, are found in social casinos. On the flip side, the drawback of social casino games is that can’t win you real money. Players only win virtual coins which cannot be converted into real cash. Zynga Poker is a great example so play for fun games.

Slots in social casinos are entertaining and engaging but cannot pay out real money. So, if you don’t mind playing for fun, the best casino social slots are out there waiting for you.

On the other hand, pay-to-play games equal real-money gaming. To play cashable casino games, you must register and bet real cash. Unless you’re playing at a no account casino, you must sign up with the site first. As the name implies, players must pay in order to play this type of casino game. While they cost money, they also bring profit if you land a jackpot. This is one thing that slots in social casinos cannot do.

Are Social Casinos Better than Traditional Gambling Venues?

In an economic sense, social casinos are just as good for the community as any other casino. This includes both digital and brick-and-mortar gaming establishments. Casinos pay taxes to the country/state and also contribute to higher employment rates. Operators must recruit croupiers, dealers, pit bosses, managers, and various executives to work properly. In turn, many people get employed in all types of casinos and thus grow economically.

From the players’ perspective, again, it doesn’t make much of a difference. It all comes down to personal preference. Some players like in-person betting in physical venues. However, we also have introverted gamblers who would rather chill at home and gamble online. Lastly, there are busy bees who opt for gambling on the go thanks to mobile casinos.

The point is, all casinos have their own audiences and player bases. Neither online nor land-based casinos are better. Even when we consider social casinos, which are completely free of charge, it doesn’t make a difference.

Sometimes, but not always, players who enjoy social casinos online shift to social casinos for real money. This is not the rule, though. Millions of people would keep playing at their favourite Zynga social casino for free. Their biggest reward lies in the gaming itself.

Best Social Casino Apps

Looking at popular mobile gaming apps, we’ve found the most played categories:

  • Hyper casual gaming apps
  • Puzzle games
  • Arcade
  • Simulation
  • Casual games

Mobile gaming’s latest attraction must be hyper-casual games, which are as hot as social casino games. In a sense, hyper-casual games can be an umbrella term for these relaxing, minimalist, freeplay games.

mobile gaming apps download

That said, the best casinos with social interaction are:

Rank Social Casino Online Welcome Bonus Where to Play
#1 Play Frank 100% up to £100 + 50 FS Click Here!
#2 All British Casino £100 + 10% Cashback Click Here!
#3 YakoCasino £99 Bonus + 99 FS Click Here!
#4 King Billy $1,000 + 200 FS Click Here!
#5 BitStarz 100% up to €100 + 180 FS Click Here!

We recommend trying out these online casinos as they cater to social interaction among players. While real-money-based, new online casinos from this list also offer freeplay slots from social casinos.

How Can I Find the Best Social Casinos?

New online casinos often offer games for free, and are hence similar to social casinos in a way. Therefore, the above-described free-to-play games are available in online casinos, as well.

So, some may say that online casinos endanger the popularity of social casinos online. However, social casino games like Farmville are not available at online casinos. And according to the latest numbers, Zynga’s Farmville is the fastest-growing game to have ever existed on the internet.

social casino devices

If farming isn’t your thing, you might want to take a look at other Zynga games. Here are the most downloaded Zynga games in the past year. Besides Zynga Farmville, Zynga Poker is extremely popular on Facebook and other social network channels. In fact, social media are the best gaming sites for social casino games overall.

The Future of Social Casinos

Albeit popular and omnipresent, social casinos are still in their early days. The history of social casino sites is not long, and thus few implications can be drawn from it. Nevertheless, although more studies are required, certain predictions can be made.

It seems that many social casino visitors migrate to real-money online casino sites. Therefore, the sole purpose of social casinos is defeated. That said, we’d rather wait a few more years to make more palpable and reliable conclusions.


In essence, social gambling sites offer services free of charge. However, special in-app features can be purchased for real money. In turn, social casinos make a little money. Additionally, as they gather multiple millions of players daily, their platforms grow exponentially. That is how social casinos make money.

Social gambling is legal in most countries worldwide. In North America, for example, official regulators monitor social casinos. Elsewhere, social casinos are featured within social media apps, giving them authority.

The point of social casinos is playing for the sake of playing. Therefore, social gamblers are not punters in the conventional sense of words. Instead, people in social casinos play to enjoy and succeed rather than to gain profit. The benefits of social casinos are reflected in the feeling of accomplishment.

Where required by law, social gambling sites are regulated. For example, on the West Coast, the California Gambling Control Commission regulates social casinos. Moreover, the CGCC is in charge of all gambling activity in the state.

The best thing about social casino apps is that they are 100% legal worldwide. These are not real-money gambling sites and are hence not frowned upon by legal authorities.

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