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Get Ready for Diamond Dazzle Bingo by Pragmatic Play!

Round Head IconDecember 7, 2022 - CasinoChick

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! They sure are, and Pragmatic Play knows it! Ladies, there is a new bingo game in town, and by the looks of it, it is ready to dazzle! Pragmatic Play decides to take its full house to the next level with its latest Diamond Dazzle Bingo. The 90-ball bingo game comes with all kinds of interesting elements, including the sparkly Diamond Dazzle bonus feature.

You can win up to four prizes in each round, where at the beginning of each game, diamonds show numbers ranging all the way from 1 to 24. As the exhilarating game commences, the numbers of the diamonds are called, and each diamond value is revealed to players before disappearing.

Diamond Dazzle Feature

This feature occurs when a player wins a Full House, presenting them with an evaluation for the 25th diamond. The value depends on the numbers called in the game and the number of precious gems remaining.

Additionally, ladies can choose to accept and take the offered value, or take a risk and decline it for the chance to win bigger rewards. The Diamond Dazzle Jackpot Game is available for players who have staked in the jackpot-winning game. They will be eligible for a share of the jackpot.

Diamond Dazzle Jackpot

The Full House winner will share the jackpot with other players who bought tickets into the game 50/50. Half of the jackpot will go to the Full House winner, while the other half is shared equally between other players who guessed the same as the full house winner.

Pragmatic Play’s Claire McDaid, says: “Diamond Dazzle Bingo is an experience that gives players a sense of familiarity with an in-game gamble feature. It also packs a punch with its high-engagement level. The Diamond Dazzle jackpot feature strategically means that spectators get that extra chance of winning even when the 1L, 2L and FH prizes have already been won.”

If you wish for some extra sparkle while you are gaming, do not miss Diamond Dazzle Bingo by Pragmatic Play!

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