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Lightning Lotto Review

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Lightning Lotto is a live casino game that blends classic lottery gameplay with exciting lightning multipliers. It was released by Evolution in 2023 and hosts 2 drums for regular balls and for golden balls. The main extra feature is the lightning multipliers which can drastically boost winnings. You can bet anywhere from €0.10 to €5000 and play the game on both desktop and mobile devices.



Another addition to Evolution’s Lightning series is Lightning Lotto released in 2023. In this game, players can enjoy standard lottery shenanigans but in a luxurious gold/black Evolution live-streaming studio. Furthermore, there are two drums for lotto numbers, one for black regular numbers and one for gold multipliers. Up to 500 tickets can be bought.

There are a total of 25 numbers in one drum of which 5 are drawn and 10 golden numbers in the other of which 2 are drawn. The combinations of these and your wagered guesses will score you payouts depending on how many you guess. You can wager up to €5000 with the maximum win still being unknown as of yet. Let us start up this Lightning Lotto review and see what the game is all about.

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The basic gameplay loop of Lightning Lotto is just like any other lottery game but with some visual boosts and multipliers. Essentially, the innovation Evolution brings is two ball drums at once. One is reserved for black ball numbers and the other for multipliers.

The one with regular numbers hosts 25 balls at once. Once play begins the players can purchase tickets and you can buy more than one. Each contains a 5-number combination. Then, balls are launched into the drum and 5 are determined randomly. The more numbers you guessed with your ticket the higher the payout. At least 3 are required for a win.

That is pretty much the gist of it but multipliers spice things up which we will cover below.

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Casino Chick Best tips for Lightning Lotto

  • You can purchase multiple tickets for increased chances up to 500
  • Pay attention to the golden ball drum and the golden number on your ticket as these determine multipliers
  • Be careful not to overbet on a single ticket as this style of play is extremely volatile


The main extra feature of Lightning Lotto are the aptly named Lightning multipliers. Besides the black ball drum of 25 numbers, there is also the golden drum which hosts 10 balls. On your ticket, you will also notice a sixth golden number. When play begins both the regular and golden drums activate.

Each game features up to two Lucky numbers struck by Lightning; if your ticket holds a Lightning number, your entire ticket will receive a random multiplier ranging from 2x to 10x, unlocking the possibility of multiplied payouts. Note that you actually have to win something from the regular combination for the multipliers to work.

Essentially, six balls are drawn each game round for a fastpaced game round – five balls from the first drum and one Powerball from the second drum. The Powerball boosts your chance of drawing numbers 1-10 and to get more numbers matched, for the opportunity to receive multiplied payouts.

Besides Lightning multipliers, you also have the standard live casino game options like live chat.


While there are not a lot of lotto live casino games out there, there are certainly a lot of specialty games. Chances are if you like Lightning Lotto, you will like these other releases as they also have exciting multipliers. Still, we have included some lotto titles as well for fans of this genre.

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Before the game starts players can purchase tickets and therefore place their bets. Up to 500 tickets can be purchased and your payout is determined based on the numbers you have guessed:

  • 6 numbers 4,999 – 99,999: 1
  • 5 numbers 499 – 9,999: 1
  • 4 numbers 49 – 999:1
  • 3 numbers 1 – 39:1

Judging from standard lottery games and Evolution’s previous releases like Mega Ball, the RTP of this game 96.08% is a decent average.

what we like

  • Exciting lotto multipliers
  • Multiple betting options
  • Luxurious HD livestream studio

what we don’t like

  • Volatile gameplay


Lightning Lotto by Evolution has gigantic payouts and a chance to boost them even further. The rewards for winning on 4 or 5 numbers are amazing but if you win on 6 the payouts skyrocket. Ultimately, the higher-end payouts depend on scoring the lucky lightning number.

Furthermore, the overall visual design of the studio and the live dealer interactions are extravagant as usual. Evolution has successfully managed to elevate the lotto experience. The 96.08% RTP of the game is quite worthwhile for lotto games. Just be careful of the volatility. You can find Lightning Lotto on all our recommended Evolution casinos.

Unfortunately no, live casino games are usually not available for free.

Yes, the only thing you have to do is choose how many tickets you want to purchase up to 500 and then track the two drums as they generate numbers.

You can win anywhere from 4,999 to 99,999:1 if you win on 6 numbers.

The overall return-to-player value is 96.08%.

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Release year:2023

Available on:Desktop, Mobile

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