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Crash Games for Women

Crash games might seem like a trivial game genre, but they are slowly becoming more and more popular across the gaming industry. With more and more casinos adding crash games to their lobbies – and game producers expanding portfolios with additional crash games – we have decided to bring you a fantastic guide to crash gambling games.


For all those interested in crash games, Casino Chick brings forth an ultimate game guide! We are here to introduce you to some of the best crash gambling games, discuss the technicalities of these nifty little games, and explain the magic behind the appeal of crash gambling.

Be prepared to be confused, amused, and intrigued – as crash gambling games get ready to take over the (gambling) world.

In our guide below, you will have a brief overview of the best crash games, how crash games work, and a detailed introduction to some of the most popular game producers working on crash gambling games online. Enjoy!

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If you can believe it, crash games are even easier to play than slots. Video slots, the industry’s easiest games to play, are beaten by crash gambling – the seemingly inconsequential luck-based game that’s been spreading like wildfire across the industry. And it has potential to rapidly outrun all other casino games for sure.

In case you are looking for the next crash game obsession – regardless of whether you’re new or an experienced veteran – we are here to help. We have a collection of the finest crash games that you can find and enjoy at a variety of popular and licenced gambling games. And the best thing yet? Crash games are linked with crypto, so most crash game casinos are also cryptocurrency-friendly establishments. Check out the games below.

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As you can imagine, crash gambling games are online casino games, which means they include betting with real money on potential results. Therefore, crash games are real-money casino games just like all other casino categories such as roulette, live casino, and slots.

Thankfully, as they are so easy to play, players do not require any special strategy or betting system for crash games. Instead, the only thing they need is a stable money management system in place and that’s it. Crash gambling are just like slots in that regard, as both are purely luck-based games that players have no control over.

Once you’ve settled on a budget and are ready to go gambling online, it’s time to pick a casino. As you know, not all casinos online offer crash games. Mostly crypto sites have it, but we’ve seen a trend where regular online gambling sites began adding a handful of crash casino games to their lobbies. So, there’s a big chance we might get better exposure and better variety in the next couple of years.

Until then, stick to proven and 100% legit sites only.

If you need help with picking out casinos and starting the whole gaming process, check out our guides and manuals.



From a technical perspective, crash casino games are the simplest games you can think of. They rarely include additional features except for the line that keeps increasing (the multiplier that goes up) until it finally crashes.

The concept is so simple that it’s actually difficult to explain in simple terms. But we’ll try.

Essentially, crash games are games where players bet and try to cash out the biggest possible payout before the game crash occurs. A crash is an inevitable part of the round – and multipliers int eh game climb up as the round progresses until it finally goes down.

The goal at the start of the round is to cash out before the crash, but that only sounds easy as you can never know when the crash might occur. It might occur anytime!

Now, because the games are so easy to play, game producers have to come up with different and entertaining themes to keep the players entertained and occupied. The themes are really the main element where game companies have room to get creative and experiment with the title.

As a result, we got themes such as:

  • Space and astronauts
  • Stars and planets
  • Pirates
  • Superheroes
  • Animals
  • Fishing
  • Crash racing games
  • The stock market (yes, that’s right)

And many, many other themes. Essentially, anything that could grab and hold the attention of players for a longer time might end up being a fun crash game theme. In a way, the diversity of topics and themes reminds us of slots, which – unsurprisingly – must span different themes to cover up its repetitive nature. And crash games are the definition of repetition, so they can easily become boring for the punters.


If you are among the players that have never before heard of crash games or have only recently discovered the category, we have good news: you are not the only one.

Crash gambling games are only now becoming a ‘hot topic’ among gamblers online. There’s been a strong initiative to bring out crash games from the background into the limelight, especially in 2022 and 2023. The trend will surely continue it the next 5 or more years, as cryptocurrency gambling takes off and replaces some old-school traditional forms of gambling.

At the moment, it’s still in its early stages, though. Only a handful of game producers create gambling crash games, as many are waiting to see the audience’s reaction to the new IT game genre.

The companies that provide the best and most diverse crash gambling games include:

  • Mancala Gaming
  • Gamzix
  • KA Gaming
  • Galaxsys
  • Aviatrix
  • SmartSoft Gaming
  • Turbo Games
  • Fugaso
  • 4ThePlayer
  • iMoon
  • OnlyPlay
  • BGaming
  • Spinmatic
  • Evoplay
  • Mascot
  • Skywind

If you see a familiar name on the list, congrats! You can play their crash games at your favourite casino, provided that the casino offers casual and specialty gambling games. arguably our favourite game producer from the list is Mancala Gaming, which is an expert in crash gambling. You can check out the full list of Mancala crash games on the official company website.

Before you head off to an online casino with crash games to play these inventions, please make sure you have a suitable banking option and a reliable game producer whose games you want to try.


Although crash games are not as popular as other games, they’ve been around for at least half a decade. Although, considering how long have other games been there, we can say crash games are quite young!

Crash casino games are related to cryptocurrencies. Crypto casinos, or online casinos facilitating payments using cryptocurrency wallets, offer both classic and unique casino games. Those unique games are often arcade and casual gambling games, such as crash games.

But what are crash games? And how does one play crash gambling games online?

Crash gambling games are online casino games where players follow a multiplier increase before it crashes. In each round, punters place wagers on the round and track the multiplier. They can cash out anytime – by multiplying the multiplier at the moment of cashout with the stake – and then get winnings. If the crash happens before the cash out, the player loses everything. Therefore, the entire point of crash games is to get the biggest cashout possible without crashing.

Although crash games are typically linked with crypto, more and more game producers are building games that are regular casino games, unrelated to crypto. Therefore, you might start seeing these games at your local casinos and popular online casinos that perhaps do not even support cryptocurrencies.

How to Play Crash Games

Playing crash games is easier than playing slots online. All you need is a casino and a game of your choice, and that’s it.

Here is a step-by-step guide to playing crash casino gambling games on the internet.

  1. Find a good online casino with crash games.
  2. Register for a new real-money account.
  3. Deposit money and claim a bonus if you want to.
  4. Head to the game lobby to find the games.
  5. Select a game from the lobby and open.
  6. Place a stake you want on the round and wait for the round to begin.
  7. Track the line and multiplier until you believe is enough (before it crashes).
  8. Cash out to avoid crashing and thus losing the bet.
  9. Wait for the end of the round and prepare for the next one.
  10. Place the bet again and start the new round.

And that, my friends, is the typical session of playing gambling crash games online. A standard round consists only of betting and cashing out, so the only thing you need is patience and luck – and the desire to have fun.

Crash Game Strategy

As we already said, crash games are luck-based. They are completely relying on the odds and therefore we cannot say that there are any productive strategies that might guarantee wins. In fact, no strategy can guarantee a win in this type of game.

However, there are ways to ensure a better experience.

For starters, we recommend cashing out early in each round. That way, you are less likely to encounter a crash, and more likely to have a steady flow of wins. For instance, our girls tend to cash out when the multiplier hits the 2x, but you can pick any other value that you think is high enough and cash out then.

Another important thing is to know when to give up. For instance, if you happen to encounter a string of unlucky rounds, meaning you crashed more than you’ve cashed out, it’s time to take a break. Never chase your losses!

So, in short:

  1. Pick a value target for cash out that’s low but not too low to secure more frequent wins.
  2. Never chase losses so give up when you’re losing too much.

That’s all we have for crash game strategy. Tune into our other guides and manuals for more help for playing crash gambling games online!

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Crash Gambling FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Crash Games

Crash games are online casino specialty games where players place a stake and watch as the multiplier slowly increases before it crashes completely. The crash signals the end of the round and players have to cash out before the crash to get a payout. Otherwise, the stake is forfeited.

No, but in most cases they are. Crash games first started as a crypto game at cryptocurrency-friendly online casinos.

You can play these games at most online casinos that support crypto payments. Check out our list of crash casinos our team provided above.

Yes, you can play crash games for free if you want to try the games without investing real money. The best way to figure out whether you like the game or not is to play it for free first.

Yes, you can win real money by playing crash games. Crash games are real-money luck-based games that you can play at most crypto casinos.

The choice of themes is vast. There are space crash games, crash racing games, as well as games about animals, fishing, driving, Asian-themed, food-themed, etc.