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The Best Online Tax-Free Casinos for Ladies

Round Head IconUpdated November 1, 2023 - CasinoChick

Tax-free online casinos are gambling sites operating in gambling tax-free countries. Gambling tax-free countries do not consider winnings taxable income, allowing players to collect payouts without paying taxes at all. 

If this sounds like gibberish to you, relax chica – your Chick is here to explain everything.

Our ladies prepared a detailed walkthrough for tax-free online casinos and gambling tax rates. We also have a list of all countries where you can play games for real money and no tax. Gambling money is sweet but keeping all of it is not always easy – but we’ll show you how.

What Are Tax-Free Casinos?

Tax-free casinos are casinos whose players have no taxes to pay on winnings. Simply put, you won’t have to pay a portion of your win money back if you choose these venues.

But how does this work? And why?

Well, taxes exist in every country, and depending on their regulations and administration, they might impose tariffs on gambling. Some countries, like the USA, consider casino profits taxable income, while others, like Canada, do not. They do not impose gambling levy laws so that players can enjoy their winnings without a worry.

Taxable Gamble Income & Regulations

online casino taxable income

Each country has the right to impose laws as it sees fit. Take gambling regulations, for example. Online gambling is allowed in certain countries, but there are also states which have banned such activities altogether. However, a thing called taxable gambling income further complicates the matter.

Namely, countries allowing real money wagering on the internet have a right to decide whether they consider your gaming profits as taxable income or not. In English, you might have to give them a portion of profits for taxes! Does this mean you have to report your bet winnings and losses in all countries? No, certainly not all – but some yes.

Ladies, we know you are puzzled right now, but bear with us. There’s more to this conundrum that meets the eye.

Okay, we’ve learned that countries may or may not impose taxes for betting activities. So far, so good. However, taxable income does not apply to players only. Certain countries might not trouble the punters with these laws, but rather operators.

Here’s an example: let’s say you live in Sweden and your favourite site is Mr Green. Sweden is a gambling tax-free country, which means you are not required to pay anything for the profit you scored at Mr Green. But Mr Green does. According to Swedish laws, privately-owned websites pay a fixed rate on gains. So, there you go. Most tax-free casinos refer to sites where punters are free of any obligation, but the operators pay revenue levies.

On the other side of the spectrum are countries with gambling taxes. The perfect example is the USA. In the USA, you must declare winnings and pay levies on every single dollar you win. This applies to both online and land-based wagering.

List of Gambling Tax-Free Countries

gambling tax-free countries

All these tax laws and new info must be taxing. Worry not, ladies, we know what you need. It’s time to focus on sites and countries where you don’t even have to think about taxable income and boring forms.

Chick has a list of countries with levy-free regulations. Here are all major gambling markets where you can find tax-free online casinos:

  • 🇦🇹 Austria
  • 🇦🇺 Australia
  • 🇧🇪 Belgium
  • 🇧🇬 Bulgaria
  • 🇨🇦 Canada
  • 🇨🇿 Czech Republic
  • 🇩🇰 Denmark
  • 🇫🇮 Finland
  • 🇩🇪 Germany
  • 🇭🇺 Hungary
  • 🇮🇹 Italy
  • 🇱🇺 Luxembourg
  • 🇲🇹 Malta
  • 🇷🇴 Romania
  • 🇸🇪 Sweden
  • 🇬🇧 UK

The list entails all markets where players are free of tariffs and levies. The gambling tax rates for operators are different for each country – for instance, in Finland, the rate is 8.25% on all net profits, while Danish sites pay 45%-75% of all net profits. The Czech Republic’s rate can go up to 20%!  Italian casinos get to turn in only 1% of their gains to the government.

Below you’ll find more details about major gambling tax-free countries.

Tax-Free Casino Sites UK

Top-rated UK online casinos for ladies attract millions of players per year. They have been for years, as betting is a trendy activity across the island.

Luckily for all these lady gamblers, they can play and keep everything they win.

The law in the UK states that punters are under no obligation to pay wagering levies. In other words, every lady who enters a UKGC-friendly site can play, enjoy her games, collect her profits, and go home happy. End of story.

Moreover, the United Kingdom is the trendsetter in wagering safety and responsibility. The UKGC monitors every single activity within the industry, which means ladies are safe from harm. The law applies to both amateur players and professionals. The country cares not whether you pay your bills with gambling money or not – there’s no levy either way.

Therefore, not only is the UK a safe wagering haven, but it is also tax free. The same goes for all constituents of the Kingdom.

But while ladies get to take home everything they’ve scored, operators are under strict obligations to pay a share of their gross profits. Their levy is 15%.

Let’s sum up everything we’ve learned about the UK gambling tax:

  •  Players do not pay betting levy in the UK.
  • The law applies to professional and amateurs alike.
  • Licensed establishments must pay wagering levies.
  • The gambling tax rates for operators are 15% or more.
  • Levy-free venues accept players from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and England.

Top Tax-Free Casinos in the UK

The UK is a popular place for casino gaming, which is why we had a hard time picking our top sites. But we managed: here are the top 3 tax-free online casinos in UK accepting ladies.

Casino Name

Welcome Bonus


1. Aspers 100% up to £100 + 100 FS Click Here
2. 888 Ladies £50 for bingo and slots Click Here
3. All British Casino 100% up to £100 Click Here

All casino sites for women above are licensed and regulated by the UKGC. If you want to play the best slots and bingo games online, these are the places to visit. Trust your Chick!

Tax-Free Casino Sites USA

As previously stated, the USA is not one of the gambling tax-free countries. Players in US online casinos and land-based establishments are required to pay taxes on everything they earn there annually. All income generated within a year through betting and wagering is taxable income. No ifs, ands, or buts! Our gals over there pay it through the tax return by filling out Form W-2G. Also, keep in mind that this includes not only cash wins, but also non-cash profits.

Income from slots, lottery, roulette, blackjack, horse races, and raffles is considered taxable income. In other words, regardless of what you spin, you will have to denounce a portion of it at the end of the fiscal year.

The gambling tax rate is 25%, so it is not progressive but rather fixed. Typically, the establishment will deduct 25% from the won sum before payout. That way, players only need to report winnings and losses. If you fail to submit a tax ID number to the site, the site will withhold 28% from the total amount (sans the bets).

Using the W-2G form, individuals report profits according to the game type. Bingo and slot winnings above $1,200 must be reported, while the limit for keno is $1,500. If you win more than $5,000 playing poker, you will have to report it as well.

Fun fact: Native American casinos are tax exempt. They are under no obligation to pay gambling taxes.

In short, US gambling levy rules are:

  • The USA is not a tax-free gambling country.
  • The proper form for reporting gaming winnings is Form W-2G.
  • Players pay 25% levy on all gambling income per year.
  • Levy reports are based on game types.
  • Native American casinos are tax exempt.

Tax-Free Casino Sites Canada

Canada, the closest US neighbour, has completely different laws than the USA. First of all, Canada is a tax-free gambling country. Ladies visiting its wagering establishments of any kind have zero levies to pay.

Just like in the UK, betting gains will be yours to enjoy. Just register, play, and withdraw funds once you are done, and that is it.

But there is one major difference between the UK and Canada tax-free casinos. As you know, the UK laws do not differentiate between amateurs and professional players. In Canada, however, the situation is different.

Under Canadian laws, only those who play games for fun are tax exempt. When we say ‘for fun’ we mean as a hobby – you have other income sources, so you do not depend on wagering profits to pay bills, etc.

But, if you are a professional player who has registered gambling as the primary income source, you are subject to certain levies. Why? Because professional players are considered freelancers who are running their own business. And considering Canada taxes freelancers, professional players working full-time in the industry pay gambling taxes.

If you decide to visit the USA and gamble there, you will be taxed 30% gambling tax rate as a non-resident. Tough luck chica, as being Canadian will not help you avoid levies in your neighbour’s venues.

A summary of Canadian wagering levy laws:

  • Canadian gambling income is not taxable income.
  •  Both online and land-based venues are levy-free.
  • Gamblers who play for fun don’t have any wagering levy obligations.
  • Professional players pay taxes as freelance businesses.
  • Canadians playing at US online casinos give away 30% taxes according to US laws.

The Best Tax-Free Casinos in Canada

Canadian ladies know what they are doing – when they find a good venue, they don’t exactly intend to let it go. Hence, we rounded up the best and most loved sites our lady gamblers in Canada enjoy frequenting. Here are our top 3 Canadian online casinos that are tax free.

Casino Name

Welcome Bonus


1. Mr Green 100% up to €100 Click Here
2. Revolution Casino 100% up to €500 + 200 FS Click Here
3. Space Lily €1,444 + 244 FS Click Here

If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to visit their reviews for extra info. Click the registration button to become a member and enjoy a marvellous welcome bonus!

Tax-Free Casino Sites Australia

Aussies love casinos, and anything even remotely related to gambling is widely accepted and cherished. But, Aussies know that it’s all fun and games – which is why they consider gaming as a hobby, not a profession.

The government considers all gamblers’ winnings pure luck, and playing games a hobby, hence it does not levy players. Instead, it taxes the operators. In the eyes of the law, if you decide to visit an online casino in Australia, you might win, or you might lose – either way, they won’t charge you anything for that.

Online and land-based venues’ taxing is performed according to state laws. And every Australian state has individual rules for taxing. According to the game type, the states might implement the turnover tax, tax them on player loss, or require net profit tax payments. All gaming activities have different percentages, and they are levied differently in each state.

But all these details are of no interest to you. Australia is a country where scoring something at casino websites leads to hassle-free and free-of-levy entertainment. Just join any wagering venue in Aussieland and see for yourself.

Here is an overview of tax-free casinos in Australia:

  •  Aussies play at tax-free casinos sans levy
  •  Gambling tax rates vary according to gaming activity

Tax-Free Casino Sites Sweden

Sweden is a relatively new market in the online casino industry. Well, not exactly new, as it opened its doors for the public a couple of years ago. However, even before it opened the borders, Sweden was a popular gaming stop for all gamblers.

The land-based sector, as well as the online counterpart, is closely monitored by authorities. Spelinspektionen monitors online casino websites. But here is the catch – players do not pay taxes in Sweden. By law, punters engaging in casino games such as slots and blackjack can do so without worrying about levies. Whenever they decide to withdraw winnings, they can do so, and they won’t have to pay a dime in levies. Your profits are not taxable income in Sweden.

On the other hand, operators and brands involved in the industry aren’t as lucky. If you remember our example mentioned above, you know that Mr Green, and any other brand licensed for work in Sweden, has levies. The rate is 18% of all gaming revenue. Swedish sites for ladies pay levies each month, as one taxation period is one month.

Recap of Sweden’s taxing laws:

  • Players’ winnings are not taxable income in Sweden
  • Operators pay 18% of gross revenue each month

Tax-Free Casino Sites in Other European Countries

Online wagering is widely accepted across Europe, as evidenced by a plethora of websites catering to players. Moreover, most of these brands own licenses, as various European countries regulate and allow digital casino gaming. We can safely say that there’s no safer place than Europe for reel-spinning and dice-throwing activities.

However, gaming taxation differs from country to country. In Italy, one of the rising markets, the tariff for brands is 1%, while Malta sites pay 15-40% on gross revenue. Finnish operators’ rate is 8.25% on net profits each taxation period. Denmark has slightly higher rates, going between 45% and 75%. Bulgarian and Romanian operators also have fixed fees. Germany has one of the highest wagering tax rates, which take up to 90% of all profits.

But chica, the fun thing about this is that these taxes are the operators’ responsibility, not yours! Punters can enjoy playing at tax-free casinos whenever they want without being forced to pay a portion of their winnings.


We finally reached the end of this article. We know you are probably tired of all the new info we displayed today. You don’t have to worry about remembering it all! The only thing you should keep in mind that winning at certain (licensed) casinos might include fees.

There’s a list of all countries where you can enjoy safe gaming without sharing profits with the government. Stick to these countries, and you won’t have to worry about paying levies. Just pick one of many tax-free casinos online, and nothing will spoil your fun!


At tax-free sites, everything you win is yours. No portion should go to the government or be withheld by the website.

No, it is not. Players in American casinos must report gains and losses on the tax return at each fiscal year’s end. The only tax exemption case is the Native American casino community, where venues are exempt from paying levies to the IRS.

No, as Scotland is part of the UK, there are no gambling levies for gamblers. However, operators must pay them for their revenue.

The rate in the UK each gaming site must pay is 15% on all gaming revenue.

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