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The Netherlands to Ban “High Risk” Gambling Ads

Round Head IconApril 19, 2024 - CasinoChick

MPs of the Netherlands are working hard on a set of new motions, all directed at the Remote Gambling Act of 2021. The so-called KOA Act was adopted in October of 2021 as the legal framework for the growing Dutch online gambling market.

Motions for the Reform

The Dutch Socialist Party MP Michiel van Nispen pushed the motions as part of the Kamer’s revision of the Remote Gambling Act. Then, 14 motions were proposed by MPs that aim to amend further the Act. Every motion directs at KOA gambling market laws and guidelines, as well as safety and protection measures. According to press releases, all 14 motions were voted on a few days ago.

The very first motion of van Nispen is the imposition of a ‘total ban on online gambling advertising’. The motion would completely prohibit the promotion and marketing of any kind of online gambling for the players. This motion has 70 out of 150 votes. Even though it did not gain majority of votes, the ministerial absences made it approved.

A couple of months ago, the CDA MP Derk Boswijk proposed a motion ‘to investigate a total ban on gambling advertisements’ but that motion was dismissed. It is not clear what changed in the meantime, Dutch MPs have clearly changed their mind.

Ultimately, there will be a blanket ban on all gambling advertisements and marketing. Since July 2023, there has been a ban on TV, radio, print, and outdoor media in the Netherlands.

Addressing MPs, Van Nispen stated: “The KOA market is sick through and through. Every day that these companies continue their bad practices, more people become addicted to gambling.

He continued, “As far as we are concerned, it is the end of the story for gambling companies without morals. A ban on online gambling advertisements is another step forward towards a country without bad gambling companies.”

Stay tuned for more info about the changes and reforms in the Dutch gambling market.

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