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Evolution Releases Gold Bar Roulette with Huge Multipliers for Players

Round Head IconJuly 27, 2022 - CasinoChick

On the 15th of July 2022, Evolution launched its brand-new online casino game Gold Bar Roulette. This brand-new game introduces some innovative mechanics to the classical roulette experience. Evolution is known for revolutionizing traditional casino games with additional interesting player options.

What is Gold Bar Roulette?

At its core, Gold Bar Roulette follows the classical roulette rules and design. The thrilling new addition is the Gold Bar resource and the safe system. Besides the traditional roulette gameplay, these gold bars give players more control as they multiply bets that the player chooses to wager. The players can only acquire gold bars by betting on single numbers which are called Straight Up bets.

Furthermore, the game also has a safe that the dealer opens each round. The safe then reveals how many gold bars can be won that round. Getting Gold Bars is the key goal of this game, apart from winning of course. They offer chances for astoundingly high payouts.

How do Gold Bars Work?

Once you win your first gold bars, you will notice they offer 88x to your original bet. The exciting part is that they can be stacked on your further Straight Up bets, meaning their multipliers combine. Just imagine your wager being multiplied by 88x, 176x, 264x, etc.

Evolutions’ Todd Haushalter even said: “We also know how much players love big multipliers, so for Gold Bar Roulette we thought why not go a step further and give the player more control—why not let the player choose what numbers will pay big – and how big the payout should be?”

This goes hand in hand with Evolution’s game design philosophy of offering players more ways to strategize and giving them more freedom. Just keep in mind that the number of Gold Bars you win is always random and you can only wager them on Straight Up bets. So use them wisely.

If this new Evolution game sounds interesting, you can find more information in our Gold Bar Roulette review.

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