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Anyone who knows Casino Chick knows how crazy she is about bingo.

The Chick can’t get enough of bingo – and neither can we! Since you’ve landed on this page, it seems that you are looking to boost your online bingo playtime – and what better way to do it than by claiming a delicious bingo casino bonus?


Casino Chicks gathered all casino bonus offers tailored for female players and put them on display below.

You can find the best bingo casino bonuses for female players at our favourite sites below – or learn how to search for them yourself!

Here’s a hint: we also included FAQs as an additional source of info if you have remaining questions after finishing our bingo bonus guide.

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Gibraltar Gaming and Betting Association (GBGA), Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)












Best Bingo Bonus Overall

So, you like girly bingo bonuses? Not a problem, chica. We have just what you are looking for.

We thought about offering only top bingo bonus offers for girls, but what’s the point in that? Once you claim the deal, you cannot (probably) claim it again. So, you’ll need a new one – and we figured that the best way to ensure a steady supply of new bingo bonuses is to find an excellent bingo casino.

Our choice is the casino listed right here. This site has it all – top software, premium casino games, including excellent bingo games, and our favourite bingo promo. It is also a fully licensed gambling site, so you never have to worry about safety and privacy. What you see is what you get with this site. It has reliable and good playing conditions, and your rights are always protected via T&C.

Our only piece of advice is to read through Terms and Conditions carefully before registering. You might also want to read our full casino review to ensure everything is up to standard. When you confirm the site is what you are searching for, join and start playing the best gambling games – complete with our best bingo bonus for girls.

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What is a Bingo Casino Bonus?

A bingo bonus is a casino bonus offer offering free cash or freeplay for bingo games. 

Bingo deals are popular in the UK as British gamblers adore bingo (almost as much as we do). Indeed, it is a fan-favourite gambling game in UK casinos, so most UK sites tend to have a healthy collection of bingo bonuses.

But why should you claim one? Well, we’ll get into details in our upcoming sections, but let’s just say that such a promo is a perfect booster for bingo players. It’s a no-brainer because why should you waste time on casino bonuses that don’t give you premium bingo games?

The nature of such boosters is not different from other deals. You get a simple offer – freeplay or free cash – either for specific games or the entire category. That’s it. In truth, they are less complex than VIP or BTC bonuses, complementing the game’s straightforwardness.

Our favourite form is the bingo no deposit bonus, claimable upon your arrival at the gambling venue. You get a smashing promo gift right after registration sans any kind of deposit. Bingo no deposit bonuses are frequent, as you’ll see shortly.

Find the best bonuses at top-rated bingo casinos and enjoy boosters, free cash, and have fun with unforgettable games.

Different Types of Bingo Bonuses

The beauty of bingo casino bonuses is that they offer variety. A diverse collection of deals found at Casino Chick displays the operators’ creativity when accommodating their customers. And bingo-playing clientele knows what they want – and they are not afraid to ask for it. Here are all types of bingo bonuses for women found at online casinos.


Of course, bingo casinos start their day the same way as other gambling places – by offering bingo welcome offers. If you are lucky, you will find one to suit your every taste! However, we must note that bingo welcome offers also have different subcategories, including cash or free spins. Some venues even offer limited-time freeplay for true fans of the game. Regardless of the deal you take, you will never go wrong as long as you join a reliable bingo casino online.


Match deposit bonuses are deals that give you back a percentage of what you’ve deposited. The premise never changes, even if you claim a bingo match bonus. However, a match deal built for bingo only gives you a part of your deposit to play bingo games. Some match deals can be classified as welcome bingo offers, but you can enjoy match deals long after your new player status expires.

No Deposit

Oh, this one is the most fun! We love no deposit bonuses – especially when they are attached to bingo! Bingo no deposit bonuses are small in size and typically entail a cash sum you can wager on bingo games. Purchase tickets for free and play with no deposit funds to win big. These deals also have wagering requirements, so don’t miss the fine print before claiming them.


Freeplay bingo bonuses are deals that allow you to enjoy bingo for free, either for some time or for a limited number of rounds. No matter the shape, it’s still marvellous as it gives you a chance to sample the game before playing with real cash. We love the 888 Ladies Casino bingo bonus that gives you three days of freeplay bingo, as well as two weeks of free bingo at Explore our database to find the ones that suit you the most.

Why Should You Use a Bingo Bonus?

Casual gamblers prefer low-risk games such as bingo. It’s not a type of game to trigger an adrenaline rush, nor is it a game where you can become a millionaire. Instead, this game category is the one where you have fun – pure, unfiltered joy – and relax after a stressful day.

The same thing applies to the bonus type. Our best argument for claiming bingo bonus offers is the calm enjoyment you get when you claim it. It’s not fussy, it’s not complicated, and you don’t have to stress about rollover. What you can do is unwind and have fun. That’s it.

Moreover, they often show you new games you haven’t had a chance to try. New releases bring excitement, and as bingo can get repetitive soon, diversifying is never a bad idea.

Sometimes, bingo deals are connected with slots too. If you like slots, you will thoroughly enjoy the combo of bingo and slot bonus cash/spins.

How to Find the Best Bingo Casino Bonus Site

You found the bonuses and saw our best bingo bonus offer in the entire Casino Chick database. What else can we give you?

There’s one thing missing only. So we prepared a comprehensive guide for finding the best bingo casino sites on the internet where you can play for hours and claim infinite deals.

Sure, finding a site won’t be difficult, but is there a way to ascertain the site’s safe? Only if you follow this Casino Chick guide for finding the best bingo casinos.

Here is how to establish if the site you intend to join is trustworthy.

  • Check site’s availability in your country. If you cannot join because your country is forbidden, don’t bother with the rest of the info.
  • See the licenses. Check the credentials – if there are no licences, then say ‘thank you’ and walk away. The best option is to have a multi-licensed venue, possessing at least two reputable permits from the MGA, UKGC, or Spelinspektionen.
  • Read the site’s review written by our girls. We work hard to bring you our honest inspections of the venues. Every fact is triple-checked, so please read the reviews before signing up.
  • Inspect the bingo portfolio. What good would it do if you registered at a website that did not offer enough bingo games? Quality and quantity, girl – never settle.
  • Browse payment options and currencies. Self-explanatory, we know, but we cannot stress the importance of having suitable banking options at your disposal. The same goes for currencies.
  • Chat with Customer Support. Test them with a friendly chat if you don’t want unpleasant surprises when you really end up in a pickle and need their help.
  • See if the site is to your liking. When we say ‘the site’, we mean the design, looks, and ease of use. We like sites that are easy to navigate and use, and so should you.
  • Try it on your smartphone/tablet. Even if you are not into mobile gambling, you never know what the future brings. You might end up deciding to play games on your iPhone while waiting at the airport or the supermarket, and so you should have that possibility always.

Key Facts About Bingo Deals

  • Bingo bonuses are primarily available for bingo games.
  • You get free cash/spins/playtime.
  • Bingo bonuses are just like regular deals – playthrough is included.
  • They are the best for casual gamblers.
  • They won’t make you rich.

How to Cash out a Bingo Bonus

Here’s our comprehensive protocol for cashing out your hard-earned money from a bingo casino bonus.

  1. Play the games you want and collect winnings.
  2. Make sure you have fulfilled wagering requirements.
  3. Exit the games and head to your account.
  4. Start a new withdrawal transaction.
  5. Enter the sum you wish to transfer.
  6. Pick a payment option/bank you are going to use.
  7. Confirm the transfer and wait for the money.

As you can see, the bingo bonus winning Cashout is not different from other casino bonus withdrawals. The only thing you need to worry about is a rollover, i.e. whether you’ve completed all wagering requirements.

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What’s in a name? What’s in a bingo bonus? Well, we are no Shakespeare, but we know that bingo bonuses are some of the best gambling casino bonus deals you can ever claim. Take a pick from Casino Chick’s top-rated bingo casino bonuses and enjoy maximum quality entertainment at the best bingo casinos online.

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