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Fortune Factory Studios Tech Design Lead Anthony Giannini on “Products with Personality”

Round Head IconUpdated September 20, 2022 - CasinoChick

Fortune Factory Studios was introduced in 2018 as one of the first independent studios to join Microgaming and provide them with exclusive gaming content. Under the tagline “Products with Personality”, the studio has been developing some top-quality online titles.

Casino Chick chatted with Anthony Giannini, Fortune Factory Studios’ Tech Design Lead. We hope you will enjoy this exclusive interview!

  • Hello, and welcome to, the ultimate resource for all gambling ladies out there. We are extremely honoured to have you here. Before we start, would you mind telling our readers a little bit about yourself?

Hi, I am Anthony Giannini, Tech Design Lead at the studio. I have over 20 years of gaming experience with 11 of those years specifically in land-base and online slots. I have been with Fortune Factory Studios since it was founded.

  • What does a Tech Design Lead do?

We handle a lot of the art assets – getting them into the game and animating them. Working with our proprietary software and working closely with the creatives and the developers to get those assets working in the game.

  • We are sure that working at a top-notch studio isn’t always as fun as it sounds. Can you remember any challenges you’ve had to face, and how you managed to overcome them working as a Tech Design Lead?

Some of the biggest challenges I’ve had to face are some of the very things that also make the job exciting. For example, when we add a new feature that we haven’t had in a game before, there’s always a question of “how are we going to go about creating this content with no past games to reference?” This is where it becomes challenging but also exciting, when the whole team comes together to solve those issues. It’s both a challenge and a thrill!

  • Your studio’s flagship is “Products with Personality”. What is the process of creating a title with personality?

We try to tell a story in our games by combining exciting and intuitive gambling mechanics with appealing characters, engaging themes, and purpose-designed orchestration. This narrative helps to create a fun, whimsical, and exciting gaming experience. Hopefully, this sets us apart from other studios, and the “personality” comes out in the games we produce.

  • In your opinion, what makes your studio stand out from all others in the iGaming industry?

Our studio was founded by a core of seasoned game developers with a long track record in traditional video games and land-based slots. This has allowed us to draw on those past experiences to create user-centric content that hopefully they enjoy and want to come back to. We also have a lot of talented and passionate employees who bring that passion to the products we develop.

  • Fortune Factory currently houses only slots. Are there any plans to introduce some other casino games in the future?

At this stage, slots remain our focus. But that’s not to say things won’t change as the industry evolves.

“We never try to relish too much in our past successes, but instead to better our products with each game we produce.”

–Anthony Giannini, Fortune Factory Studios

Amber Sterling's Mystic Shrine

  • What would you say is your studio’s greatest success so far?

A few games that come to mind are Amber Sterling’s Mystic Shrine™ and Jurassic World: Raptor Riches.  The latter in particular was huge for our studio to work on since it’s such a well-known licensed product. I tend to think from a product perspective that you are only as successful as the next game you produce. We never try to relish too much in our past successes, but instead to better our products with each game we produce. We take those past experiences and build upon them to hopefully release as many successful titles in the future as the ones we have in the past.

Jurassic World Slot

  • Let’s talk a little bit about your outstanding portfolio. Showdown Saloon was awarded the Top 50 Golden Badge. Why do you think this slot became so popular with the players?

Again, I think it’s the result of a lot of passionate people coming together and utilising their past experiences to create high-energy, cutting-edge gambling entertainment for the online gaming market. I also think that the western theme is a tried-and-true theme that players enjoy.

  • Among all the titles you have released so far, is there any game you are particularly fond of?

Each one was fun, but I will always have a soft spot Showdown Saloon. I was a big fan of western movies as a kid so the theme was fun and really resonated with me. Plus it was one of our earlier games, coming from land-based to online, so that one really sticks out.

  • What are the plans for the company in 2022? Can our players expect some upcoming releases?

We are always working on creating new and exciting cutting-edge products with personality… so I would say, just be on the lookout!

  • Speaking of upcoming releases, is there a specific theme you would like to explore?

I don’t think we try to pigeonhole the studio with one certain style or theme so for me personally, I would be open to anything in that regard. We look at different trends, whether it’s slots-related or pop culture – we look at all things and explore those.

  • Is there anything else your company wants to achieve, that it hasn’t so far?

As mentioned before, we’re always looking to push ourselves to be better than our last product so in that sense I would say we want to continue to push ourselves to innovate and meet the expectations of the online gaming community.

  • Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Do you have a message for our readers? Anything we might have missed to ask?

Nothing other than to keep an eye out online as the studio has a lot of great products coming out in the coming year. There’s plenty for people to look forward to – just head to

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