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Craps Review

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Craps is a Betsoft online craps game launched in 2021. This non-progressive table game boasts a 98.64% RTP. This game has a max payout of 30x your bet and is available for playing on both desktop & mobile.


Craps is a staple of casino gambling. The very nature of the game makes it hard to translate into online casino terms, but don’t think game developers aren’t trying. One of the most popular slot makers Betsoft launched in the spring of 2021 its online Craps game, which you are about to meet.

Betsoft Craps online game is a classic craps game with dice rolling and 98.64% RTP. It offers all standard craps bets, but with a new, polished look. Modern graphics make it contemporary, but the rules and classic gameplay confirm it will always be timeless. Read our Craps specialty game review for additional info!

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Craps is a dice game that includes two dice, a player who throws the dice, and other punters who place a wager on the roll outcomes. In online craps, the player (in this case you) click a button for automatic rolls that produce an RNG result. If this were live mode or a brick-and-mortar situation, other players would wager on your outcome, but you only have yourself in this online Craps round.

Before you start the roll, you have to place a wager. You can pick between over a dozen of betting options, all neatly displayed on the table layout. Here’s a tip – hover over the layout to see what wager is in question if you are not familiar with them.

The first roll is the ‘come out roll’. The bet placed before the opening roll is the ‘pass line bet’, signalling that you can wager on the Pass/Don’t Pass bets (but not Come/Don’t Come). The outcome of the first roll determines the course of the round – if it’s 7 or 11, it’s a win. If it’s 2, 3, or 12, it’s a loss. All other numbers in between (4,5,6,8,9, and 10) are considered points and the dice keep rolling until the outcome is either that number or 7/11. Scoring a number is a win while rolling a 7 is a loss that immediately terminates the round.

The in-between that happens while you are waiting to roll the point or the 7 is when you can place other wagers on the layout. Click on the Roll button until you reach the end of the round (or end it if you don’t want to finish it).

The game has a 98.64% RTP and high variance, but it frequently pays if you know a solid craps strategy.

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Casino Chick Best tips for Craps

  • Hover over the table to see the wager type and the potential wager limit.
  • You can wager on Pass/Don’t Pass bets only on the come-out roll.
  • After the come-out roll, watch where the white puck is to see what to wager on.
  • Vigorish (vig.) is a 5% commission taken on a winning Buy bet.

The game is a classic game of craps, so there are no special features to mention at all. The only thing we should definitely mention is the elegant design of the game which exudes class and style typically associated with land-based craps tables. Moreover, the graphics are impeccable. The flow and motion of the dice are spectacular, and it only adds to the excitement (and immersion) of the players.

If you want to play a classic game of online craps, Betsoft Craps online game is a perfect way to start.

Betsoft online Craps game offers standard craps wagers:

  • Pass Line/ Don’t Pass Line
  • Come/Don’t Come
  • Big 6 and Big 8
  • Any 7 Bets
  • Any 11 Bets
  • Field
  • Place Bets
  • Buy Bets
  • Lay Bets
  • Any Craps
  • Horn Bets
  • Hardway Bets

The Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come bets pay 1:1, as well as the Big 6 and Big 8. However, with other specific bets, you can get a higher payout. The best example is the Horn Bet for a roll of 2 and 12. If you roll a 2 or 12 on a Horn Bet, you get 30:1.

The least you wager is £1, while the highest betting sum possible is £100.

what we like

  • A classic yet polished craps game from Betsoft
  • A charming and successful attempt to bring craps to online casinos
  • Classic payouts

what we don’t like

  • There are no side bets
  • The game is not promoted enough to reach wider audiences


Craps is online, girls! Betsoft made sure to bring the legendary game of craps straight to your doorstep, all you need to do is visit a Betsoft casino and play Betsoft Craps for real money. The game brings classic gameplay and a sleek look along with standard bets.

It’s the game we all know and love, but with a Betsoft touch – it has a £1-£100 betting range and 30:1 maximum payout. If you are a fan of classic casino table games, you won’t want to miss out on Betsoft Craps online game.

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